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Breakthrough in understanding of quantum turbulence
New Constraints on Continental Deep Subduction in Rifted Margins
Neutron-rich nuclei reveal how heavy elements form
Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Mid-ocean Ridge Basalt Differentiation
New Insights from Ancient Asteroid
Researchers help find new evidence on human origins
Combined Paleogeomagnetic and Rhenium-osmium Isotope Study Reveals Timing of Hydrocarbon Evolution
Research Reveals Early Diagenesis of Fossil Land Snail Shells in China
Mystery of Earth’s Ice Behaviour Baffles Scientists
Chinese Academy of Sciences: Cu(I) Structure Impacts Hydrogen Isotope Separation
Mistletoe’s Nutrients Tied to Hosts’ Nutrition
Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals
Meteorites Shed Light on Earth’s Assembly Process
Iron Isotope Technique Examines Inflammation Impact on Iron Absorption
Research Uncovers Global Link Between Soil δ15N and Water Content
Geochemical journey from center of Earth
Oxidation of Sub-arc Mantle by Serpentinite Fluids
Earth’s Cooling Recorded in Billions of Years by Chert Rock
Sr-Nd isotopic baseline in Silk Road regions enables archaeological provenance
Physicists Discover New Transfermium Isotope Lawrencium-251
Is that turtle legal? Combating wildlife trade with stable isotopes
Microphytobenthos in Dutch Wadden Sea feed on bottom “residues”
Study Reveals Low-degree Melt Metasomatic Origin of Heavy Fe Isotope Enrichment in Mid-ocean Ridge Basalt Mantle
Monitoring “frothy” magma gases could help evade disaster
Monitoring of “foaming” stomachs can help avoid disasters
Isotope Effects on Mixed Plasma-driven Co-permeation Found Through RAFM Steels
Study Reveals Co-evolution of Indian Summer Monsoon and Antarctic Intermediate Water
Telix acquires US radiochemistry business Optimal Tracers
Vehicle Exhaust Emission and Ammonia Slip are Main Sources of Atmospheric Ammonia and Ammonium
What are reduced mitochondria for?
Earth’s composition was modified by collisional erosion
Can Serpentinite Dehydration Release Sulfate-rich Fluids into Sub-arc Mantle?
Physicists Discover New Isotope Actinium-204
Neanderthals appear to have been carnivores
How fluctuating oxygen levels may have accelerated animal evolution
Making tumour diagnosis kinder to kidneys
NATURE publishes data on DUNP19 receptors role in cancer growth
Early collisional erosion modified Earth’s composition
Researchers Find Multiple-source Characteristics of Water Use Strategy of Crops in Hyper-arid Regions
Spotlight: NIST Researchers Analyze Novavax Vaccine From Multiple Angles
Non-growing-season Rhizosphere Priming Effect Matters
New CRP: Total Energy Expenditure Across Life Course in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Northern Hail Project recovers record-breaking hailstone
Record-breaking hailstone recovered by Northern Hail Project
Meteorite findings shed light on origin of Earth’s volatile elements
Iceland volcano eruption opens rare window into Earth beneath our feet
Scientists Reveal Fluid-rock Interactions at Shallow Subduction Zone from Mariana Forearc
Exploring Chemical and Biophysical Properties of Protein Corona in Nanomedicine