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Researchers Find Multiple-source Characteristics of Water Use Strategy of Crops in Hyper-arid Regions
Spotlight: NIST Researchers Analyze Novavax Vaccine From Multiple Angles
Non-growing-season Rhizosphere Priming Effect Matters
New CRP: Total Energy Expenditure Across Life Course in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Northern Hail Project recovers record-breaking hailstone
Record-breaking hailstone recovered by Northern Hail Project
Meteorite findings shed light on origin of Earth’s volatile elements
Iceland volcano eruption opens rare window into Earth beneath our feet
Scientists Reveal Fluid-rock Interactions at Shallow Subduction Zone from Mariana Forearc
Exploring Chemical and Biophysical Properties of Protein Corona in Nanomedicine
Study Reveals Petrogenesis of Granite Porphyry in Jiama Porphyry-skarn Cu-polymetallic Deposit, Southern Tibet
Nuclear Reactor Power Levels Can Be Monitored Using Seismic and Acoustic Data
Boron isotope helps to trace fluid processes in subduction zone
Where on Earth did water come from?
Researchers Reveal Source of Enriched Mid-ocean Ridge Basalt
How Do Oceanic Anoxic Events Affect Oxygen Fugacity of Convergent Margin Magmas?
Serpentinite-derived Slab Fluids Control Oxidation of Subarc Mantle
Zinc Isotopes of Arc-related Lavas Reveal Recycling of Forearc Serpentinites Into Subarc Mantle
Nuclear medicine supplies restored
Improving Understanding of Nitrate Sources in Connected River and Groundwater Systems Through Linking Nitrate Isotopes
Novel experiment measures neutron skin in calcium
Promise and perils of tree-ring dating musical instruments
New magnets for FAIR tested at CERN
First magnets for FAIR tested at CERN