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U.S. President Trump Is Delivering on His Promise to Make Healthcare Prices More Transparent
Researchers discover crucial ‘missing link’ between breathing and cardiovascular systems
Australian innovation could solve ‘urgent unmet need’ for 463 million people worldwide
Can ‘smart toilets’ be next health data wellspring?
Weining Lu, Kidney Researcher, Named BU Innovator of Year
WHO launches first-ever insulin prequalification programme to expand access to life-saving treatment
Beware Barbie drug: dangers of using melanotan
Boosting Health Services: Pirlangimpi Renal Ready Room Officially Opens
Study links popular muscle relaxant to patient confusion
Common muscle relaxant linked to severe confusion in patients with kidney disease
Supplements don’t preserve kidney health in Type 2 diabetes
Dogs eating rice-based dry dog foods could be at risk for chronic arsenic exposure
Launceston to host Australian Transplant Games in 2020
Genetically modified mice can show which functional foods can heal kidney disease
Early weaning of beef calves – a good strategy during drought and dry conditions
Sex and gender analysis improves science, Stanford scholars say
Physics of Raindrops Cracking Windows May Help Demolish Kidney Stones
Historic shadows in a glass house
Identical Twin Kidney Transplants Warrant Gene Sequencing
Optimizing kidney donation and other markets without money
Community-driven project improves patient outcomes for diabetes in Indigenous communities
University of Southern California stem cell scientists reveal key differences in male, female kidney
Atomic-Level Analysis of Bone Aims to Predict and Lessen Fractures in Diabetics
Riskiest time for non-cardiac surgery patients is after they leave operating room
Philosophers make case for global kidney exchange program
TAFINLAR + MEKINIST is first treatment targeting BRAF gene mutation to be reimbursed for patients
Brown and white body fat speak different languages
Obesity now linked to broader range of leading killers, with women and men showing different patterns of risk
Early weaning of lambs in a drought
Gap in care found for patients with chronic kidney disease: study
Connecting gene mutations, rare genetic diseases
Brigham Surgeons Perform First Full Face Transplant for Black Patient
New tool helps start conversations about end of life
Widespread use of anti-acid drugs continues despite long-term health risks, education campaigns
Overseas transplants come with complications
Pregnant women may soon be able to detect their own risk of preeclampsia with a smartphone
People are complicated, but their spit is ‘shockingly complex’
Protein in Blood Protects against Neuronal Damage after Brain Hemorrhage
Cambridge joins new transatlantic research alliance to detect cancer at its earliest stage
Immune reaction causes malaria organ damage
Creatine powers T cells’ fight against cancer
Future of continuous inorganic materials
New hope for people with diabetes
New international exercise guidelines for cancer survivors
Scientists link hormone production in baby wallabies to how some human girls are born with genitalia that appear more male…
Distinguished kidney researcher joins Academy
Robots help patients manage chronic illness at home
NASA Highlights Science on Next Northrop Grumman Mission to Space Station