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Global interest in koala vaccine leads to funding
Koala conservation in spotlight
Koala-ty care for Aussie icons
Funding boost for koala research
NSW Labor Pledges Major Koala Conservation Efforts
Important discovery could help extinguish disease threat to koalas
First-of-its-kind Human Plan of Management will see Koala numbers grow over next
CSIRO announces new phase of National Koala Monitoring Program
Protecting Port Macquarie and Kempey koalas
Protecting Port Macquarie and Kempsey Koalas
Australian Koala Foundation calls for moratorium on critical Koala habitats in NSW, QLD and ACT
Are you koala-ty spotter?
Chlamydia vaccine trial for koalas in south
Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan finalised
More land secured for Coomera koalas
Rockhampton Zoo visitors choose to support koala research
Griffith not leaving koalas’ futures to chance
Greater gliders are hurtling towards extinction, and blame lies squarely with Australian governments
Research reveals fire is pushing 88% of Australia’s threatened land mammals closer to extinction
Koalas win in EnviroGrants funding
Wildlife hospital funding to double
DES enforceable undertaking
Green funding to protect koalas and other Queensland threatened species
$8.6m to revegetate, protect Brigalow Belt for koalas
Koalas exposed to double whammy health threat
Time to pull out all stops to save endangered koala
New model could help save koalas at fraction of price
NSW Government investing in road safety for koalas
Koala recovery plan welcome… and we must stop knocking down their homes
Koala vocals provide key to saving species
Drones and dogs team up in Sunshine Coast koala conservation project
$5 million in community grants to help koalas
Jagger to help save local koala population
Better Protection For Victoria’s Koalas
153,000 trees planted at Wivenhoe Dam to increase koala habitat and water quality
Record $50 million for Koalas
Australian Koala Foundation celebrate official koala tartan with international raffle
Cross-border koala love aimed at saving species
New plans to protect koala populations 6 December
New plans to protect koalas
New plans to protect koala populations
$1 million for Gunnedah koalas
Birthday celebrations for Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary
Investigations underway on bushfire protection zone at Redhead
Unexpected research outcomes for koalas and native forest harvesting
Recognition for Save Koala projects
Koala genome data released in push to protect vulnerable species
Facial recognition drones to help save koalas