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2019 Youth Award winners earn applause
13 ways to talk to your teenager about 13 Reasons Why
Temperatures of 800 billion degrees in cosmic kitchen
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Brains age better among retirees with complex jobs
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Rocky, Earth-sized exoplanet is missing an atmosphere
Tree of life: Powerful online tool will help researchers make new genomic discoveries
Religious involvement may improve cognitive health
Researchers gaining a better understanding of perpetrators of intimate partner violence
Genes linked to Alzheimer’s risk, resilience ID’d
Study: Non-invasive Electrical Stimulation Alters Blood Flow in Brain Tumors
Hormonal therapy has a long-term effect in breast cancer
University researchers uncover communities with highest premature deaths in Ontario
Investment will help Mizzou researchers tackle ‘grand challenges’
Study identifies 69 genes that increase risk for autism
Bacteria on tumors influences immune response and survival of patients with pancreatic cancer
Quiet achievers in battle against mental health
A surprisingly abundant type of marine bacteria may speed up climate change
UNSW lines up sporting stars and musicians for its inaugural Diversity Fest
Mastercard Enables Luxury Shoppers To Purchase With Confidence
Peering into Soul of Immune System to Better Fight Disease
How wetlands bury carbon, guarding against weeds of future, Indigenous science education
Study finds brain defects in people with a genetic risk for schizophrenia
Interventions Aimed At Parents And Kids Boost Safe Sex Practices
Thanks to science, parasite can have sex in mice, not just cats
Board announced for Major Events Gold Coast
Golden partnership to advance UQ cancer test
Hidden world of stream biodiversity revealed through water sampling for environmental DNA
New Ofsted Board members
New $6 million center will investigate media and technology in society
Kathleen Megan Folbigg report published
New parents hold keys to public transport future
University of Alberta researchers land three prestigious $2.5-million social sciences
Young creatives hit big screen for Clip Combat finals!
Machine-learning competition boosts earthquake prediction capabilities
Can We Separate Living Longer From Living Healthier?
Splendour’s science experiment wows festivalgoers
Juggling research and family – a funding boost eases pressure for UQ Mum
Are fertility apps useful?
Queensland corporates and community orgs called to take action against domestic violence
Tips to improve MSA compliance for Queensland producers
More than $1.4 million to help Sydney communities
Moon-forming disk discovered around distant planet
Shingles Vaccine Can Prevent Painful Rashes Among Stem Cell Transplant Patients
PolyU stages MA in Fashion & Textile Design Fashion Show 2019
Fuzhou (China) to host 2020 session of World Heritage Committee