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Breakthrough quantum-dot transistors create a flexible alternative to conventional electronics
New mentor-protégé program between Triad National Security and Pueblo Alliance
New mentor-protégé program between Triad National Security and Pueblo Alliance
Sensors driven by machine learning sniff-out gas leaks fast
Study reveals robust performance in aged detonator explosive
Study reveals robust performance in aged detonator explosive
Los Alamos National Laboratory named a top employer by Latina Style
Los Alamos National Laboratory brings next-generation HPC to fight against COVID-19
AI gets a boost via LLNL, SambaNova collaboration
Six physicists elected 2020 Fellows of American Physical Society
Evelyn Mullen named American Nuclear Society Fellow
Seven Los Alamos scientists and engineers honored as 2020 Laboratory Fellows
Los Alamos to lead fuel cell consortia
Coming Down Pike: Long-Haul Trucks Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells
New Algorithm Sharpens Focus of World’s Most Powerful Microscopes
Sarkar honored for theory of self-replicating materials
Greene wins APS’s Bonner Prize for Nuclear Physics
Los Alamos, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA partner to speed up scientific computing
Eight Los Alamos projects win R&D 100 Awards
Top students tapped for Los Alamos science experience
Scientists find evidence of exotic state of matter in candidate material for quantum computers
New algorithm could unleash power of quantum computers
PNNL Technologies Garner Six R&D 100 Honors
Berkeley Lab Technologies Honored With 7 R&D 100 Awards
Los Alamos announces details of new Crossroads supercomputer
LLNL delivers ‘Scorpius’ pulsers amidst pandemic
Siemens and UNM sign collaborative agreement for microgrids, renewable energy systems
PLUS takes 3D ultrasound images of solids
Penn State a partner in new NSF Physics Frontier Center
Nathan Moody to share in 2021 IEEE particle accelerator award
Phil Tubesing awarded 2020 Global Security Medal
Personal interactions are important drivers of STEM identity in girls
Up to 15 inches of sea-level rise from ice sheets by 2100
What it takes to shoot a laser on Mars
Free remote-learning resources at New Mexico STEAM Hub
New grant funds best practices in teacher training
Borup named Electrochemical Society Fellow
Looking skin deep at growth of neutron stars
Carol Burns receives ACS Francis P. Garvan‒John M. Olin Medal
Up in smoke: story of Medio Fire
Los Alamos takes new HPE Apollo 80 System on a test drive
Los Alamos and Sandia national labs bridge R&D gap for New Mexico businesses
Life after landing on Mars
ORNL, partners receive $115 million to establish Quantum Science Center
3 Awards Will Support Accelerator R&D for Medical Treatment, Miniaturization, and Machine Learning
New center to focus on physics of ultra-dense neutron stars
New NSF Physics Frontier Center Will Focus on Neutron Star Modeling in ‘Gravitational Wave Era’
A fix for foulants