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Modeling Wildland-Fires Improved by Plant Knowledge
LLNL Unveils Explosive Properties Impacting Weapon Safety
California, West Face Re-Burns: What’s Causing Them?
Research Uncovers Global COVID-19 Responses
Flash Center moves to Rochester, advances cutting-edge physics research
Long-Term Protection From omicron BA.5 After Vaccine or Infection
Stepping back, not away
US Announces Major Fusion Breakthrough: What Does it Mean?
National MagLab secures increased NSF funding of $195 million
National Ignition Facility achieves fusion ignition
NSF to sustain world’s most powerful magnet lab through 2027
From Rust Belt to Green Belt: Penn State leads nuclear research alliance
NASA mission probes game-changing cosmic explosion
Unusual gamma-ray emission finds previously undetected hybrid neutron-star fusion event
How far has nuclear fusion power come?
LLNL researchers observe that ions behave differently in fusion reactions
Two LLNL-led papers win Test of Time awards at 2022 IEEE VIS conference
Researchers Develop Method with Single-Molecule Precision to Engineer Enzyme ‘Stickiness’
Physicists use ‘electron correlations’ to control topological materials
Simulating neutron behavior in nuclear reactors
Most Promising Engineer of Year honor goes to Sandia scientist
Researchers detect first definitive proof of elusive sea level fingerprints
Observations confirm model predictions of sea-level change from Greenland melt
Rover findings offer glimpse of Red Planet’s ancient landscape
People of stockpile stewardship are key to LLNL’s success
Scientists bring fusion energy that lights sun and stars closer to reality on Earth
LLNL leads new DART Mission paper on inferring asteroid material properties from deflection test
Developing technology to keep nuclear stockpile safe, secure and reliable
New method for measuring high energy density plasmas and facilitating inertial confinement fusion
30 years later, Hunters Trophy participants recall LLNL’s final underground nuclear test
Physicists demo method for designing topological metals
Scott Stewart: Mentoring next generation of nuclear nonproliferation professionals
New approach for comparing neural networks exposes how artificial intelligence works
Forests’ carbon uptake will be compromised by climate change
Deep dive into interior of red dwarfs
Going big: Unlocking study of some of rarest and most toxic elements on Earth
Vintage SLAC accelerator software spreads its wings
Sands of Mars are green as well as red, rover Perseverance discovers
Research sheds light on when Mars may have had water
Energy center receives $12.6 million in renewed funding
Biden- Harris Administration Continues Efforts to Address Growing Wildfire Threat
Researchers successfully execute Miramar experiment to support U.S. stockpile modernization efforts
Anti-butterfly effect enables new benchmarking of quantum-computer performance
Machine Learning Paves Way for Smarter Particle Accelerators
Astroonomer speechless in face of new images from space telescope
First images from JWST expected to spotlight wonders of universe
Arctic temperatures are increasing four times faster than global warming
Hidden in caves: Mineral overgrowths reveal unprecedented modern sea-level rise