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LLNL delivers eight Scorpius pulsed-power modules to Los Alamos
Novel method of imaging silicon anode degradation may lead to better batteries
SLAC partners with national labs and scientific publishing organizations on transgender-inclusive name-change process for published
New quantum research gives insights into how quantum light can be mastered
3Q: Why “nuclear batteries” offer a new approach to carbon-free energy
Thin, stretchable biosensors could make surgery safer
Printable Purdue biosensor simultaneously records, makes images of tissues and organs
Portable technology offers boost for nuclear security, arms control
Two Los Alamos scientists earn DOE Early Career Awards
Why arctic soil can go slip-sliding away
Spacetime crystals proposed by placing space and time on an equal footing
New Research Could Help Manufacturers Avoid 3D-Printing Pitfall
New pre-clinical model could hold key to better HIV treatments
New advancement in Nanophotonics explains how collections of hot nanoparticles cool down
Antarctica remains wild card for sea-level rise estimates through 2100
1D model helps clarify implosion performance at NIF
Heavy-duty vehicles an ideal entry into hydrogen fuel cell use
New biosensor designed to detect toxins and more
Machine learning model generates realistic seismic waveforms
1 of 695 Fast mitigation of power grids instability risks
Los Alamos National Laboratory employees donate more than $40,000 to Santa Fe’s Food Depot for hunger relief across Northern
Ultra-high-energy gamma rays originate from pulsar nebulae
Cerreta named president of nation’s professional society for minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers
Physicists develop theoretical model for neural activity of mouse brain
New pulsed magnet reveals a new state of matter in Kondo insulator
New AI tool tracks evolution of COVID-19 conspiracy theories on social media
Simulations reveal how dominant SARS-CoV-2 strain binds to host, succumbs to antibodies
Twelve Los Alamos teams recognized for exceptional accomplishments
New method measures super-fast, free electron laser pulses
Los Alamos National Laboratory and NVIDIA announce next step in future-looking partnership
Moving toward a clean-energy future by advancing fuel cell technology
New research shows that Mars did not dry up all at once
Different neutron energies enhance asteroid deflection
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
New approach to blood-based tuberculosis diagnosis
Colorado River basin due for more frequent, intense hydroclimate events
Embed your start-up in ‘Secret City’
Translation software enables efficient DNA data storage
New Los Alamos technology detects thermal neutrons in aircraft
Probing wet fire smoke in clouds: Can water intensify Earth’s warming?
New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed for medical imaging, quantum computing
Next-generation tech for biofuels refining
Solving ‘barren plateaus’ is key to quantum machine learning
New fabrication method paves way to large-scale production of perovskite solar cells
New Mexico middle and high school students encouraged to apply for free, two-week Summer Physics Camp for Young Women
Record-high Arctic freshwater affecting marine environment and Atlantic Ocean currents
New machine harnesses Earth’s magnetic field to detect chemicals
HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory discovers origin of highest-energy cosmic rays in galaxy