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Simulations reveal how dominant SARS-CoV-2 strain binds to host, succumbs to antibodies
Twelve Los Alamos teams recognized for exceptional accomplishments
New method measures super-fast, free electron laser pulses
Los Alamos National Laboratory and NVIDIA announce next step in future-looking partnership
Moving toward a clean-energy future by advancing fuel cell technology
New research shows that Mars did not dry up all at once
Different neutron energies enhance asteroid deflection
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
New approach to blood-based tuberculosis diagnosis
Colorado River basin due for more frequent, intense hydroclimate events
Embed your start-up in ‘Secret City’
Translation software enables efficient DNA data storage
New Los Alamos technology detects thermal neutrons in aircraft
Probing wet fire smoke in clouds: Can water intensify Earth’s warming?
New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed for medical imaging, quantum computing
Next-generation tech for biofuels refining
Solving ‘barren plateaus’ is key to quantum machine learning
New fabrication method paves way to large-scale production of perovskite solar cells
New Mexico middle and high school students encouraged to apply for free, two-week Summer Physics Camp for Young Women
Record-high Arctic freshwater affecting marine environment and Atlantic Ocean currents
New machine harnesses Earth’s magnetic field to detect chemicals
HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory discovers origin of highest-energy cosmic rays in galaxy
SuperCam sends first data back to Earth from Perseverance Mars Rover
Research identifies a pressure-induced increase in efficiency, phase transition of thermoelectric materials
New Los Alamos generator system delivers large radiation doses directly to cancer cells
Physics experiment boosts evidence for sterile neutrinos
First health checks of SuperCam on Mars
Los Alamos National Laboratory moves 500 employees to Santa Fe, signs lease on Pacheco Street office complex
Prescribed burns and other low-intensity fires are highly responsive to changes in winds
Vaccine development software shows promise in influenza effort, could help defeat coronavirus
Researchers discover new COVID-19 variation in New Mexico population
Quantum quirk yields giant magnetic effect, where none should exist
A look into mysteries of proton structure and dynamics of antiquarks and gluons
Record-high Arctic freshwater will flow through Canadian waters, affecting marine environment and Atlantic ocean currents
Machine learning aids in simulating dynamics of interacting atoms
Lack of symmetry in qubits can’t fix errors in quantum computing, but might explain matter/antimatter imbalance
Unique study of isolated bobcat population confirms accuracy of extinction model
Los Alamos National Laboratory staff recognized for outstanding response to pandemic and more
Mutation in SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Renders Virus Up to Eight Times More Infectious
Colloidal quantum dot lasers poised to come of age
Public invited to Mars rover landing virtual after-party
Research on transition phenomena to aid in improving safety of explosives
Perseverance rover takes New Mexico to Mars
New machine learning theory that can be applied to fusion energy raises questions about very nature of science
New virtual platform shows students science behind everyday objects
Los Alamos National Laboratory signs lease on Santa Fe office
Two Los Alamos Medal winners recognized for revolutionary contributions
$2.5 million grant benefits students, businesses, and communities in Northern New Mexico