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Validation brings new predictive capability to global megafire smoke impacts
As big as it gets: Hunga volcano comparable to Krakatoa
Biden Administration Responds to Early Wildfires in New Mexico
Study tracks Covid infection dynamics in adults
Researchers update measurement ratios key for inertial confinement fusion experiments
Roadmap for deepening understanding of puzzling universal process
Cycloalkanes strong candidate for reducing aviation emissions
Andrew Sutton: Exploring carbon sources through fundamental chemistry
From Steel Mill to DOE Laboratory, Arun Devaraj Seeks Perfection
‘Ears’ for rover Perseverance’s exploration of Mars
Planetary scientist helps equip rover Perseverance with 4 of 5 human senses
Pandemic’s urgency drove new collaborative approaches worldwide
Could quantum technology be New Mexico’s next economic boon?
Scientists Uncover Surprising New Clues to Exotic Superconductors’ Superpowers
Waves on circular paths
UNM group designs rock-tapping remote control robot to detect potential slides
Stronger materials could bloom with new images of plastic flow
Entanglement unlocks scaling for quantum machine learning
Pioneering simulations focus on HIV-1 virus
Research aims to mitigate chemical and biological airborne threats
Two LLNL scientists chosen for 2022 DOE Project Leadership Institute
Monte Carlo simulations bring new focus to electron microscopy
Scientists report breakthrough in transuranium actinide chemical bonding
Strong magnets put new twist on phonons
UNM hosts Northern Rio Grande Corridor Collaborative workshop on drylands resilience
MRI machines work, but why?
Tracking cells that host HIV
Major milestone for B61-12 life extension program
‘Megaflash’ lightning records certified by WMO
UNM doctoral candidate develops open-source GPU-capable fluid dynamics code
Research picks out inhibitor of key COVID virus enzyme
Building technological tools for nuclear disarmament
‘Lefty’ tightens control of embryonic development
National Labs Support Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal by Studying Safety Material for Underground Sites
Common cold coronaviruses hinder antibody immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection
Unprecedented multiscale model of protein behavior linked to cancer-causing mutations
Researchers Pioneer New View of Deep Rock Fractures for Geothermal Energy
Using math to significantly improve modeling of surface and subsurface water flow in complex landscapes
Scientist helps guide eyes of soon-to-launch Webb Space Telescope, successor to Hubble
Nominations of EPFL professors 10 December
Atom laser creates reflective patterns similar to light
Success in Visualizing Propagation Path of Electromagnetic Waves from Space to Ground
Physical features boost efficiency of quantum simulations
Sodium-based Material Yields Stable Alternative to Lithium-ion Batteries
Within an Antarctic sea squirt, scientists discover bacterial species with promising anti-melanoma properties
Radiation to cancer patients in ‘FLASH’
ArXiv founder Ginsparg wins Einstein Foundation Berlin Award
Sandia cooks material-storage containers to assess fire safety