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ORNL-produced plutonium-238 to help power Perseverance on Mars
Nondestructive positron beams probe damage, support safety advances in radiation environments
Simulating quantum ‘time travel’ disproves butterfly effect in quantum realm
Ning Xu selected Fellow of American Chemical Society
New Mars rover tool will zap rocks to investigate planet’s past habitability
FSU teams up with Panhandle teachers to host online nuclear science camp
Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds
Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds
Fundamental Exploration Into Future Clean Energy Technologies Receives DOE Support
Study finds less impact from wildfire smoke on climate
Shock-dissipating fractal cubes could forge high-tech armor
25 students from 16 schools complete two-week virtual Summer Physics Camp for Young Women
Lab delivers innovation jolt with pulsed power modules
Building better electron sources with graphene
FSU MagLab geochemists solve mystery of Earth’s vanishing crust
Natural Fluid Injections Triggered Cahuilla Earthquake Swarm
Artificial brains may need sleep too
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council
Study: Evolution of COVID-19 Suggests That It Is Likely That More Human Coronaviruses Will Arise
Bradbury Science Museum launches online archives with Manhattan Project science and history
Efficient, “green” quantum-dot solar cells exploit defects
Texas A&M University System National Laboratories Office and Los Alamos National Laboratory partner to make large
Catching nuclear smugglers: Fast algorithm could enable cost-effective detectors at borders
Are salt deposits a solution for nuclear waste disposal?
Self-powered X-Ray detector to revolutionize imaging for medicine, security and research
Los Alamos National Laboratory and Santa Fe Community College announce new program for machinists
UNM researchers use advanced computing to study COVID-19
South Africa’s National Integrated Cyberinfrastructure System joins Los Alamos’ Efficient Mission
Triad National Security pledges $50,000 in emergency grants to local philanthropies
Los Alamos National Laboratory employees donate more than $20,000 to Santa Fe’s Food Depot
High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory tests speed of light
Flat-panel technology could transform antennas, wireless and cell phone communications
New program helps New Mexico small businesses bring technology to market
Nuclear diagnostics help pave way to ignition on NIF
Demographics Linked to Choice Not to Vaccinate Children in Texas, Study Finds
Water splitting advance holds promise for affordable renewable energy
Machine learning illuminates material’s hidden order
LLNL and HPE to partner with AMD on El Capitan, projected as world’s fastest supercomputer
Space weather model gives earlier warning of satellite-killing radiation storms
Machine learning reveals earth tremor and slip occur continuously, not intermittently
Observations of melting metal at picosecond scale
Particle beam could help map Earth’s magnetic field to understand how space weather impacts planet
Fifteen organizations join Los Alamos’ Efficient Mission Centric Computing Consortium in
Los Alamos high-performance computing veteran to chair SC22
Los Alamos National Laboratory spent $396 million with New Mexico business in 2019
Colloidal quantum dot laser diodes are just around corner
Galactic gamma-ray sources reveal birthplaces of high-energy particles
Los Alamos National Laboratory joins IBM Q Network to explore quantum computing algorithms