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New quantum ‘stopwatch’ can improve imaging technologies
AI-supported test can predict eye disease that leads to blindness
Opthea announces patient recruitment open in Canadian trial
Blind Tennis scoring aces
Light therapy helps burn injuries heal faster by triggering growth protein
Robotic Scanner Automates Diagnostic Imaging in Eye
New drug delivers sight for sore eyes
Exosome formulation developed to deliver antibodies for choroidal neovascularization therapy
Breakthrough into leading cause of blindness
FDA fast track designation for Opthea’s OPT-302
Scientists unravel function of a sight-saving growth factor
A Frozen Leap Forward
Touchless technology could enable early detection and treatment of eye diseases that cause blindness
Researchers develop antibody drug that could treat diabetic retinopathy
AI could soon tell you, how often to see eye doctor
Macular Disease Foundation Australia awards $1 million to eight exciting research projects
Edmonton-based startup’s innovative technology could treat retinal diseases that affect millions worldwide
Organic, printable device could restore sight to blind
Insights from colour-blind octopus help fight human sight loss
Insights from color-blind octopus help fight human sight loss
Australia’s first investigational gene therapy trials for dry age-related macular degeneration under way
Columbia Begins Vision Screening Program for NYC Public Housing Residents
Genomics: a health investment trend in 2021
Micro-molded ‘ice cube tray’ scaffold is next step in returning sight to injured retinas
UC-led research looks at alternative to treat eye diseases
Opthea launches late-stage study of eye therapy
NIH-led team sets new bar in retinal imaging
Researchers Set New Resolution Record for Imaging Human Eye
New study links protein causing Alzheimer’s disease with common sight loss
Stoic Venture Capital biopharmaceutical investee company Exonate begins clinical trials of eye drop treatment for retinal vascular
Revolutionary eye drop trial starts for common eye diseases
Common HIV Drugs May Help Prevent Leading Cause of Vision Loss, Study Finds
Air pollution linked to heightened risk of progressive and irreversible sight loss
UC Davis receives $3.2 million grant to study age-related macular degeneration
Million-dollar funding for macular disease research on World Sight Day
New intervention could help patients with macular degeneration recover vision
UW researchers devise approach to treat rare, incurable form of blindness
Exercise Can Slow or Prevent Vision Loss, UVA Study Suggests
Australia faces risk of increased blindness amid coronavirus measures