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Probing dark matter using antimatter
Probing dark matter using antimatter
7T MRI Offers New Insights into Multiple Sclerosis
Superconducting wind turbine chalks up first test success
A cheaper way to scale up atomic layer deposition
An oscillator chip inspired by brain
Using light to generate order in an exotic material
Obtaining order in “frustrated” landscape of disordered magnetism
What your friends’ brains look like when they think of you
Gaming Protein Structures: X-Ray Studies Confirm Power of Crowdsourcing
Breast cancer MRI added to Medicare
Stinger net installation marks beginning of stinger season
Logan breaking new ground with drilling project
Unique properties of quantum material explained for first time
Uncovering Mechanisms Behind Magnetogenetics Could Advance Biomanufacturing
ERC grant for research on unusual quantum state
NASA Invites Media to Launch of Solar Orbiter Spacecraft
Scientists discover fractal patterns in a quantum material
Staircase to stars: Turbulence in fusion plasmas may not be all bad
Brain Does not Follow Head
Wired for intelligence: brain networks more stable in individuals with higher cognitive abilities
Yale faculty pioneer development and testing of portable MRI device
Controlling superconducting regions within an exotic metal
New study advances quest to better understand consciousness
Electronic solid could reduce carbon emissions in fridges and air conditioners
Irresistible pull – when massive stars collide
Modified quantum dots capture more energy from light and lose less to heat
Cancer targeted by genome-editing research
Cancer targeted by genome-editing reserach
Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center Offers Novel MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy for Cancer
An Elegant Solution to Soft Sensing Challenge
Artificial skin could help rehabilitation and enhance virtual reality
Ultra-sensitive sensors from impure diamonds
A chip to measure vacuums
New hunt for dark matter
Historic Schoolhouse to be restored following monsoon
Uncovering hidden “noise” that can kill qubits
Quantum Alchemy: Researchers use laser light to transform metal into magnet
MRI-guided biopsy best for determining future risk of prostate cancer, study shows
Air Force jets arrive in Townsville to support military exercises
UH Engineer Leads Team Creating Point-of-Care Test for Prostate Cancer
Mental health expansion opens at Berkeley Vale
NASA Invites Media to Northrop Grumman’s Space Station Launch from Virginia
Discovery of periodic tables for molecules
Lollies, vitamins and fish-shaped sauce containers hit MRI mark
World’s largest and most powerful Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer arrives at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Measuring changes in magnetic order to find ways to transcend conventional electronics
First pictures of magnetic polarons taken