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A new way towards super-fast motion of vortices in superconductors discovered
Council extends Mount Louisa walking track
Scientists provide new explanation for far side of Moon’s strange asymmetry
Mathematical noodling leads to new insights into an old fusion problem
Revealing Magnetic Nature of Tornadoes in Sun’s atmosphere
Physicists explain why changes to Earth’s magnetic field are weaker over Pacific
Cartwheeling light reveals new optical phenomenon
Magnetic History of Ice
FSU MagLab geochemists solve mystery of Earth’s vanishing crust
Researchers control elusive spin fluctuations in 2D magnets
Super-Earths discovered orbiting nearby red dwarf star
Mystery of solar cycle illuminated
A new material for light-matter interactions
Discovering an exoplanet size of Neptune
New ‘hybrid engine’ for biodegradable nanomotors that transport drugs to diseased tissue
Better cancer cell detection using magnetic nanoparticles
Scientists develop new tool to design better fusion devices
NASA’s TESS, Spitzer Missions Discover a World Orbiting a Unique Young Star
Plasma science report highlights workforce gap, calls for increased national commitment to future experiments
Graphene’s potential to improve magnetic measurements for accelerators
New discovery tracking humpback whale migration from space
Traumatic brain injury research to examine long-term impact of concussion in children
Evergreen idea turns biomass DNA into degradable materials
Researchers shed new light on solar flares
Graphene with sodium could make better batteries
Even mild hits in contact sports changing brain
Manipulating tiny skyrmions with small electric currents
Deep learning-based surrogate models outperform simulators and could hasten scientific discoveries
Better Than Cyclodextrins: Molecular Containers for Sequestration of Neurotransmitter Drugs in Water
Investigating structure and mechanisms of coronavirus biomolecules
A fair reward ensures a good memory
A proven method for stabilizing efforts to bring fusion power to Earth
Thinking Small: New Ideas in Search for Dark Matter
Combining magnetic data storage and logic
National Parks funding to create jobs as part of economic recovery plan
Melting a crystal topologically
What Does “Love Hormone” Do? It’s Complicated
Physicists’ innovative model provides insight into behavior of black hole at center of our galaxy
Sensor technology to improve parking turnover in trading precincts
Quantum material research connecting physicists in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai facilitates discovery of better
Sound waves create skyrmions in a magnetic film
A surprising quantum effect observed in a “large” object
NASA’s IBEX charts 11 years of change at boundary to interstellar space
PPPL ramps up activities for diagnostics for ITER fusion experiment
Tiny pump builds polyrotaxanes with precision
Acoustics put a fresh spin on electron transitions
New ‘sun clock’ quantifies extreme space weather switch on/off
Mineral technologies shares secrets of success in India