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Patients with Schizophrenia at Different Stages Show Varied Deficits
Advanced Ferromagnetic Tunnel Junction Using Two-dimensional Hexagonal-BN
Physicists and collaborators co-observe higher-dimensional topological state with metamaterials
New cell phone and smart watch models can interfere with pacemakers and defibrillators
Secrets of Covid transmission revealed in turbulent puffs
Two-trap cooling promises antimatter precision
Fully-gapped pairing in new vanadium-based Kagome superconductors
Is it possible to personalise sudden cardiac death prevention after myocardial infarction?
Townsville Mountain Bike Strategy 2021-2031
Mesospheric ozone layer depletion explained
Visualizing molecular motion of substituted 9-phosphaanthracene
Counter-intuitive: Noise Can Help Image Reconstruction
Scientists Achieve Magnetic Topology Controlled by Electrical Pulses
Cross-pollinating physicists use novel technique to improve design of facilities that aim to harvest fusion energy
Scientists Discover Crystal Exhibiting Exotic Spiral Magnetism
Partition Function Zeros are ‘Shortcut’ to Thermodynamic Calculations on Quantum Computers
Electron-electron and spin-orbit interactions compete to control electron
Magnets could offer better control of prosthetic limbs
PPPL-hosted workshop displays substantial progress in battling fusion disruptions
Treading wander paths to uncover geological history of southwest Japan
Significant geothermal heat beneath ice stream
Further evidence of 200 million-year cycle for Earth’s magnetic field
Scientists report new type of super-resolution chemical microscopy in Nature
Fishing licence fees help find ways to reduce shark bite-offs
On road to faster and more efficient data storage
Fast changes between solar seasons resolved by new sun clock
New Exotic Magnetic Quasiparticle “Skyrmion Bundle” Joins Topological Zoo
Zinc’s oxidation state can be made +3, fundamentally changing element’s chemistry
Researchers present ultra-precise brain imaging tool
Ultra-high extinction-ratio light modulation by electrically tunable metasurfaces using dual epsilon-near-zero resonances
Wendelstein 7-X concept proves its efficiency
AMA Fees List update: Orthopaedic items
Epilepsy surgery may improve overall brain health, study finds
Magnetic patterns hidden in meteorites reveal early Solar System dynamics
Tiny ‘maniac’ robots could deliver drugs directly to central nervous system
Small stars share similar dynamics to our sun, key to planet habitability
Serendipitous double flyby of Venus provides unprecedented science opportunity
Emergent magnetic monopoles controlled at room temperature
Response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer
New review reveals noninvasive brain stimulationcould help lower smoking
Researchers around world are buzzing about candidate superconductor created at UCSB’s NSF Quantum Foundry
When vibrations increase on cooling
Amy Watterson: Model engineer
An effective strategy for protecting next-generation information carrier
Magnetic Field in Galactic Outflow of M82
Horseshoe Bay renourishment works
Hotel development receives tick of approval
Researchers kick-start magnetic spin waves at nanoscale in pursuit of low energy computing