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How brain paints beauty of landscape
Topology in biology
Unraveling knotty problem of Sun’s activity
How sudden stratospheric warming affected Northern Hemisphere
Novel method for rapid repair of peripheral nerve injuries
Planetary shields will buckle under stellar winds from their dying stars
Manipulating magnets in quest for fusion
Origin of bifurcated current sheets explained
SARS-CoV-2: Achilles’ heel of viral RNA
High Magnetic Fields Control Both Rate and Product of Chemical Reactions
Scientists discover how high-energy electrons strengthen magnetic fields
Dusty remains of Comet ATLAS
New sunspot catalog to improve space weather predictions
Cosmic rays help supernovae explosions pack bigger punch
Era of single-spin color centers in silicon carbide is approaching
Researchers Reveal Characteristic Time of Stellar Flares on Sun-like Stars
Understanding physics in new metals
Antagonistic neurons and pain signals
NIH-funded study finds gene therapy may restore missing enzyme in rare disease
Research reveals gene therapy may restore missing enzyme in rare disease
Non-genetic photoacoustic stimulation of single neurons by tapered fiber optoacoustic emitter
RUDN University biologists prove anticancer potential of macrophages
Spending time outdoors has positive effect on our brains
Taking brain out for walk
RUDN University chemists propose one-step synthesis of substances for medicine
RUDN University chemists obtained an unusual planar nickel complex exhibiting magnetic properties
Research will help apply magnetotactic bacteria in oncology
UH astronomers discover ‘double-bubble’ solar eruption during 2020 eclipse
Looking Back at NIST Patents
Latest Values of Fundamental Constants Published
Scientists Discover Nanoclusters Effective for Cancer in Second Near-infrared Synergy Therapy
Two-dome Superconductivity in Kagome Superconductor CsV3Sb5 Discovered under High Pressure
Discovery of 10 faces of plasma leads to new insights in fusion and plasma science
Quantum phase transition discovered in a quasi-2D system consisting purely of spins
Swimming at mesoscale
Scientists observe a new type of topological defect in chiral magnets for first time
MRI’s magnetic field affects focused ultrasound technology
Watching Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Feed
Machine-learning improves prediction of stroke recovery
Penn State research teams awarded seed grants to advance biodevices
First study of nickelate’s magnetism finds a strong kinship with cuprate superconductors
New plasma etching system significantly expands MIT.nano process capabilities
A detailed study of nickelate’s magnetism finds a strong kinship with cuprate superconductors
Keeping COVID safe in Term 3
Why Does Mercury Have a Big Iron Core?
NYUAD study maps nanobody structure, leading to new ways to potentially fight diseases
Magnetic Field between Galaxies in a Merging Cluster
MoEDAL bags a first