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A bloom of crystals
New high-speed test shows how antibiotics combine to kill bacteria
Monash University researchers prove infant formula can enable use of antimalarial drugs in children
Students power on through restrictions
Insect repellent can advance malaria elimination agenda
Mosquito net distribution could halve Malaria deaths in Africa during COVID
Why you shouldn’t go looking for COVID-19 medicines
Thrasher Award to support malaria vaccine research
Researchers found a link between genes and preeclampsia – HLA-G gene regulates male-to-female ratio
A mosquito species new to Finland discovered which potentially could transmit malaria
On Occasion of Democratic Republic of Congo National Day
Annual report and yearbook 2019 published
Annual report and yearbook 2019 published
New understanding in how hydroxychloroquine works undermines its use for corona
TSU is creating a device for remote monitoring of malaria mosquitoes
Researchers induce massive synchronous sexual conversion of malaria parasite
A compound unlike any other
Going travelling? Talk to your pharmacist
Durham in world’s top 100 universities
WHO welcomes crucial new funding for vaccines
Respiratory virus builds ‘doorbell’ to trick its way into cells, researchers find
New test method can offer safer dosages of hydroxychloroquine
Republic of Cameroon National Day
UK Government supports Covid-19 detection dogs trial
COVID-19 detection dogs trial launches
Breakthrough test for elusive malaria strain
Malaria mosquitoes eliminated in lab by creating all-male populations
Hydroxychloroquine seized at border
Additional U.S. Foreign Assistance Builds Upon U.S. Leadership in Global COVID-19 Response
Bacteria ‘factories’ used to discover potential new malaria drugs
Mouhamadou Diagne Appointed Vice President of Integrity at World Bank Group
COVID-19 pandemic could significantly increase HIV, TB and malaria cases
New clues to malaria vaccine potency
Impacts of research shut-down to be felt long after pandemic ends scientists warn
Globally financed and coordinated response to Covid-19 urgently needed
Palmer Foundation launches website for latest COVID-19 information
Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19 – we don’t know if it is safe or if it works
Children in Democratic Republic of Congo at risk from killer measles
Dogs could join fight against COVID-19
App helps doctors find right dose of Corona medication
UC grad’s company offers new COVID-19 test
Lighting up red for World Tuberculosis Day
Researchers shed new light on how malaria parasites evade mosquitos’ defences
Engineered capillaries model traffic in tiny blood vessels
7 times Imperial made you double-take in 2019
Malaria increasingly a disease of poverty and inequity: World Malaria Report 2019
Australian researcher uncovering keys to malaria elimination receives major research award
Editing mosquito’s gene wards off malaria and halts reproduction