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Moles, voles and gophers dig garden
Canada launches third call for proposals under Ghost Gear Fund
Backyard chicken welfare
Trunk Spines Can Defend Against Bark Feeding and Climbing Mammals
To cut costs, Weddell seal pups keep swimming when trading in their fluff
Functional rat germ cells, produced from stem cells in vitro, enable birth of offspring
Piles of rubbish cleared from M56 as National Highways supports national litter-picking campaign
City full of personalities
Mapping chromatin landscape reveals determinants of placental stem cell identity
City of Swan leads way for water and fertiliser management
First: Cornell’s red-tailed hawk lays fourth egg
Mirror image biomolecule helps marine sea squirts lose their tails
Cameras reveal snowshoe hare density
Darwinian theory of gradual process explained in new research
Mending Broken Heart
Ground-breaking project helping native mammals avoid extinction
New Avian Influenza Licensing Service now available
Fear itself can cut wildlife numbers in half: study
Sequence-specific RNA recognition by an RGG motif connects U1 and U2 snRNP for spliceosome assembly
Deepsea mountain mapped by RSV Nuyina 30 December 2021
Offender sought after seal body decapitated
Showcasing gardens for wildlife
Grad student finds new saber-toothed species, in museum
Polystyrene Nanoplastics Inhibits Key Signaling Pathways for Activation of Immune T Cells
New method to identify mammals good at learning sounds
Protein complex exhibits temperature-sensitive activity
Information sought on Kaikōura fur seal deaths
Pinniped Craniofacial Musculature Provides Insight on its Role in Aquatic Feeding
Baby seals can change their tone of voice
Feeding time at zoo
Dopamine’s many roles, explained
Campbell River professional whale watching guide fined $10,000 under Species
Is that Superb Parrot?
Community urged to collect timber responsibly
DOC urges public to respect stranded marine mammals
Fur seals don’t need your hot chips
Expert report indicates neural harm of marine parks on cetacean brains
Why Do You Study That? How Lemur Research Can Help Endangered Species
Eating wild meat significantly increases zoonotic disease risk: UN report
DOC calls for information following report of mutilated dolphin carcass
How birds, mammals and children learn sounds
Wildlife habitats restored with world first invention
Court warrant carried out to prevent spread of bovine TB
Baby bat babbling strikingly similar to human baby babbles
‘greener’ way to make fertiliser
Where Have All Birds Gone?
Bilbies booming at Mallee Cliffs National Park
Farmers herald new feral pest predator