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Mammals Evolve Flight Multiple Times, Unlocking Its Secrets
Molecule Found to Spread Emotions for Millions of Years
Zebrafish Show Empathy Through Oxytocin Release
Researchers Find Way to Combat Aging, Cancer
South American Seals, Sea Lions at Risk from Fishing Industry
Lone Star Tick Bites Linked to Unexplained Digestive Issues
Lone Star Tick Linked to Unexplained Digestive Issues
Molecular Basis for Alkaline Taste Found by Monell Center
New-sized mammals are more often at risk of extinction
Toad-ally airborne find by returning traveler
Rambo: Last Sighting
Island Dwarfs & Giants Prone to Human Extinction
Bat monitoring success in Pureora Forest
Cell Growth Stimulation Leads to Aging: Cell Cycle Arrest
Cat owners encouraged to keep their pets safe at home
Parental Care Aids Brain Evolution: Study
Detox Enzymes’ Evolution Traced
Researchers help find new evidence on human origins
Reburial of Sperm Whale Planned by DOC NZ
Social Mammals Live Longer: CAS Study
319M-Year-Old Fish Fossil Sheds Light on Brain Evolution
DOC: Wildlife, Tracks & Facilities in Auckland Region
No cap removal, no fertilization
Beach litter monitoring underway at Bathers Bay
No Fertilizer, No Tree Topping
Split-second of evolutionary cellular change could have led to mammals
Psychologist: Sexuality is founded in childhood
Sirtuin 7 Protein Reduces Heat Production in Brown Fat
Monster cane toad removed from wild
New Tech Enhances Visualization of Little Brain
Echidnas Use Bubbles to Stay Cool in Scorching Heat
Genetically-Engineered Bacteria Make Melanin Nanoparticles
Mice Study Shows DNA Org. Changes Affect Regulation
Mapping Lactylome Uncovers Metabolic Adaptation in Liver Cancer
Successful Nonhuman Primate Hypothermia Paves Way for Human Torpor
Successful Hypothermia in Primate Sets Stage for Human Torpor
Lost Fish Use Ancient Brain to Find Way Home
Neural Circuit Enables Zebrafish to Locate Themselves
Brain Plasticity Boosts Cochlear Implant Hearing Outcomes
Birds build hanging-nests to protect offspring from nest invaders
Signaling Pathway Discovered for Zebrafish Retina Regeneration
Humans Evolve with New Genes Emergence
Geographic Separation Leads to New Species Formation
Study shows logged tropical forests are surprisingly vibrant and need protection
Keeping our waterways healthy
Bats use death metal “growls” to make social calls
Bats growl like death metal singers and Mongolian throat singers
New study suggests climate change may be affecting animal body size