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Cluster theme issue on firearms and violence
Business case for reducing gun violence
Toll of firearms injuries in U.S. billions of dollars annually, research says
Most New Jerseyans Concerned About Gun Violence and Want Stricter Federal Gun Laws
When school feels ‘like prison,’ test scores, college attendance drop
Abbott’s Lead Over O’Rourke Narrows While Most Texans Support Bussing of Migrants
Study links News addiction to not only poor mental wellbeing but physical health too
Statement by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on White House “United We Stand” Summit
Keith Bein: Chasing Wildfire
Statement by President Joe Biden Marking Ten Years Since Attack on Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Free course to help health care providers reduce gun violence
Readout of White House Meeting with State Legislative Leaders on Holding Gun Manufacturers Accountable
Clinicians Who Responded to Recent Mass Shootings Release Recommendations for Effective Healthcare Response
Statement on Bipartisan Confirmation of Career Prosecutor Steve Dettelbach to be First Senate-Confirmed ATF Director
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Event Commemorating Passage of Safer Communities Act
End Texas Assault on Migrants; Cut Funds: US
How red flag laws reduce risks of gun violence
Feeling numb about recent mass shootings?
Is There Link Between Mental Health and Mass Shootings?
Helping teens channel stress, grow in resilience
Majority of Texans Oppose Banning Abortion; Texans Saying State Is on Wrong Track Reaches Historic High
Two Infamous Rulings By The Supreme Court Put America To Shame
Demolishing Schools After Mass Shooting Reflects Our Deep-Rooted Desire for Purification Rituals
Capturing an elusive shadow
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Signing of S.2938, Bipartisan Safer Communities Act
Yin and yang of empathy
Statement by President Joe Biden on Passage of Delaware Assault Weapons Ban and Other Gun Safety Legislation
Extreme risk protection orders to prevent mass shootings: What does research show?
People are not powerless in face of gun violence, prof says
When reality fails: What to know about psychosis
School Mental Health Resources Are Critical to Ensuring Safe School Environments
California’s ‘red flag’ law utilized for 58 threatened mass shootings
Vanderbilt University, Unity Project to host virtual discussion on facts, evidence in America’s gun debate
Remarks by President Biden and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand before Bilateral Meeting
After mass shooting: Examining role of media coverage
Joint Readout of Meeting Between Prime Minister Ardern and Vice President Harris
Coping with trauma and tragedy of mass shootings
Can we avert next mass shooting? Yes, and here’s how
Gun Violence: UC Davis Researches Causes, Trends, Solutions
UNICEF urges leaders to keep schools safe following deadly Texas shooting
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on School Shooting in Uvalde, Texas
Remarks by Vice President Harris at Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies 28th Annual Awards
UF to hold vigil in honor of Buffalo victims
MIT community stands together against hate
Guterres condemns deadly ‘vile act of racist violent extremism’ at supermarket in Buffalo, USA
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris Issues Statement on Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York
President Biden’s Statement on Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York
Joining people, data to address gun violence