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U.S. President Trump Approves Massachusetts Disaster Declaration
Machine learning improves non-destructive materials testing
COVID-19 first target of new AI research consortium
St. Jude experimental anti-malarial drug shows promise in first clinical trial
Cornell linked to three 51 Pegasi b astronomy postdocs
Researchers mobilize to study COVID-19 from multiple angles
CMU,, Microsoft, and Five Leading Research Universities Launch Digital Transformation Institute
Benefiting from National Gene Vector Biorepository, Microsoft, and leading universities launch Digital Transformation Institute
Biocomplexity Institute Wins $10M Grant to Thwart Future Pandemics
In Earth’s largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover
Pablo Escobar’s hippos might have helped to restore local ecological diversity
Staining Cycles with Black Holes: Ultrafast repeated staining and destaining of cell samples for tumor diagnostics
A stopgap measure to treat respiratory distress
New Research on an Important Little Fish
Chesterton’s New Pump Test Rigs Offer State-of-the-Art Testing for Rotary Packing
New study identifies which veterans are using programs to gain employment
Chandra data tests ‘Theory of Everything’
AFRS Operation Blue Suit recognizes Reserve and Guard Airmen
Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence in a Video Teleconference with Governors on COVID-19
New data tests ‘theory of everything’
Ed Boyden wins prestigious Wilhelm Exner Medal
Tracking Adeno-Associated Virus Capsid Evolution
Machine learning technique sharpens prediction of material’s mechanical properties
Experts: We Need To Scale Up Coronavirus Testing Now
3Q: Collaborating with users to develop accessible designs
Low-dose aspirin linked to reduced liver cancer risk
Innovation Beat: Patents and licensing deals, provost’s big ideas
Microbes play important role in soil’s nitrogen cycle
Fishing for Mammals: How DNA from rivers could revolutionise mammal detection on land
Hot time in city: Urban lizards evolve heat tolerance
New type of pulsating star discovered
Rice, know thy enemy: NSF grants $2.6M to study weedy invader
Depressed, rural moms face greater health challenges-and so do their kids
Stricter firearm laws would slash children’s deaths
MacMillan illuminates micro-environment, creating a new path to cancer drugs
NASA to Hold Media Briefing on New Global Air Quality Constellation
Complex Biology Behind Your Love (or Hatred) of Coffee
BU Infectious Disease Experts On What We’ve Learned About Coronavirus
Platinum-based Agents are Not Superior to Standard Chemotherapy for Patients with Breast Cancer
Seven Western programs among global elite
Not your average science classroom
Graphene: A Talented 2D Material Gets a New Gig
Tech Transfer: Thoughts on an Innovation Ecosystem
What Voters’ Sweat Levels, Facial Expressions, Reveal about Their Feelings for Candidates
‘I’m hooked on that feeling’ of discovery
Six new members elected to Board at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Which Democrat will take Texas on Super Tuesday?