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New mathematical model of cellular movement
Numbers don’t lie: Australia is failing at maths and we need to find new formula to arrest decline
New theory promises to reshape how we think about polymer superstructures
Marine biology major is among this year’s Goldwater Scholars
UTA receives more than $1.5M in support of scholarships
“I want to make cities safer by studying seismic waves”
Circuit model may explain how deep brain stimulation treats Parkinson’s disease symptoms
Thirty-eight Tokyo Tech accessibility leaders certified in AY 2021
Dragonflies use vision, subtle wing control to straighten up and fly right
Algorithm reveals faults in self-driving test vehicles
Colorado Students to Hear from Astronauts Aboard Space Station
Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires
New evidence highlights world-leading quality of Lancaster research
National recognition for world-leading quality of University of Portsmouth research
McGowan Government invests in better outcomes for WA students
Michigan Tech Brings TechMBA to Grand Traverse Region
Research describes multi-agent systems for optimization and decision-making through games
New research training groups at FAU
Creating statistical tools to solve big problems
Mathematical beauty at limits of possible
Research breakthrough means warp speed ‘Unruh effect’ can finally be tested in lab settings
Interpreting bioimages with deep learning
Approaching human cognition from many angles
Rice creates major in sport analytics to offer training in rapidly expanding field
Combining certain medications with ibuprofen can permanently injure kidneys
Combining certain meds with ibuprofen can permanently injure kidneys
ZJU inks MoU with Australia’s top university
Automatic audio loggers successfully used to map sound of Norway
‘beyond-quantum’ equivalence principle for superposition and entanglement
New model for antibacterial mechanism
A&S chooses first Nexus Scholars for summer research
Teenagers’ wellbeing seems to have little effect on GCSE performance
Research points to physical principles that underlie quantum Darwinism
He gets prestigious grant for second time
$1.25 million NIH grant links science, literacy and math education in middle schools
News and Events ArticleSpecially Sourced Argon May Soon Whisper Secrets About Universe’s Dark Matter
Caltech Launches Merkin Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Researchers use machine learning to speed up counting of microplastics
Parents’ reactions while helping with math shape young children’s achievement
Team wins global competition to develop next-gen tools, improve public health solutions
Sci-fi imagery linked to artificial intelligence tells wrong story
Physics of singing saw
Heads or Tails? ANU mathematician breaks down odds
FSU’s ‘Art in STEM’ returns for 8th year, highlights beauty and artistry of science
Girls excel in language arts early, which may explain STEM gender gap in adults
Wearables can track COVID symptoms, other diseases
UW Selects Top First-Year Course Instructors
Scientists win grant to create better drought-prediction tool