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Cancer drug shows potential as treatment for muscular dystrophy
ACMG releases update to secondary findings gene list
Targeting specific protein in smooth muscle cells may dramatically reduce atherosclerotic plaque formation
American College of Medical Genetics and genomics publishes clinical practice resource on hearing loss
Blood test could reveal transition to cancer in people at risk
Largest study of whole genome sequencing data reveals new clues to causes of cancer
Mutations in Noncoding DNA Protect Brain from ALS
TGen-Temple review suggests even normal weight individuals are susceptible to severe fatty liver disease
Dr. Michael Kobor to lead new UBC research program in healthy aging
Dr. Pengfei Liu receives 2022 Dr. Michael S. Watson Genetic and Genomic Medicine Innovation Award
Correcting night blindness in dogs
NIH All of Us Research Program releases genomic dataset
Researchers create largest ever human family tree
New treatment could benefit up to 45 per cent of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
PAX5 gene associated with novel neurodevelopmental disorder
Johns Hopkins Pioneer in Genetic Medicine, Haig Kazazian, Dies
UBC-led research team finds nine new coronavirus species
Faulty BRCA genes linked to prostate and pancreatic cancers
OHSU investigators awarded $3 million for innovative, promising research
Identified first patients with new rare disease caused by defects in cell division
Neuroprotective mechanism altered by Alzheimer’s risk genes
Genetic testing identifies overlap of heart failure and arrhythmia conditions
Retinoid therapy may improve vision in people with rare genetic disorder
Returning Genomic Research Findings Reveals Unrecognized Disease Risks
Whole genome sequencing increases diagnosis of rare disorders by nearly third, study finds
EU plans to collaborate with TSU Center of Science and Ethics
New Test Could Rapidly Identify Genetic Diseases in Newborns
Cryptography game-changer for biomedical research at scale
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s ground-breaking effort
Scientists explore impacts of genomic variation in disease in NIH project
UNC Awarded $24-million NIH Grant to Improve Genomic, Precision Medicine
Brain molecule helps ‘wake up’ cells that could help tackle MS and similar diseases, study shows
Research confirms virus variants reduce protection against Covid
MOGONET provides more holistic view of biological processes underlying disease
NIH scientists develop faster Covid test
Scientists develop faster Covid test
Researchers discover inherited neurodegenerative disease in monkeys
NIH researchers find many people want secondary genomic findings after initially refusing
Researchers find many people want secondary genomic findings after initially refusing
Study links autism to new set of rare gene variants
Synlogic publishes papers in Nature journals demonstrating proof-of-mechanism and potential of synth
Aspirin reduces preeclampsia risk, affecting gestation metabolic clock
Aspirin reduces risk of preeclampsia by decelerating gestation metabolic clock
Innovation massively expands view into workings of single cells
An Unusual Way to Die
RNA-Atlas assembles comprehensive knowledge on human transcriptome
Most comprehensive RNA-Atlas ever
Recurrent miscarriage: what if cause is genetic?