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Most comprehensive RNA-Atlas ever
Recurrent miscarriage: what if cause is genetic?
AMP recommends minimum set of pharmacogenetic alleles to guide clinical CYP2D6 genotype testing, pro
ACS Nano: CNIC scientists describe a possible disease-causing mechanism in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Awards & Accolades 9 June
Aspiring doctor seals pathway with perfect GPA
Children’s Tumor Foundation announces revised diagnostic criteria for NF1
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Research will test more sensitive ways to diagnose rare diseases
New cancer algorithm flags genetic weaknesses in tumours
Confirmed by research: Intellectual disability is rarely inherited – Risk for younger siblings is low
Artificial intelligence can accelerate clinical diagnosis of fragile X syndrome
Advanced Mouse Embryos Grown Outside Uterus
University of Alberta spinoff company partners with Alberta Health Services to produce reagents for COVID-19 tests
CHOP Launches Kabuki Syndrome Clinic
Researchers develop test to measure effect of breast cancer gene variants
Researchers launch program to diagnose genetic diseases in children
Reading between lines of genome
Some sperms poison their competitors
Preventing seizures after brain injury could stave off dementia
Exome sequencing for congenital diaphragmatic hernia cases
Four at UW Medicine earn High-Risk, High-Reward awards
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