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Chemokine renders immune cells less effective against cancer cells
Clinical trial to test immunotherapy combination in surgical pancreatic cancer patients
Ludwig Lausanne study charts immune landscape of multiple brain cancers
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Study reveals first evidence inherited genetics can drive cancer’s spread
Study finds new clues in eye cancer
An Escapade With Consequences
Researchers determine genetic origins of dysfunction in hybrid fish
Antihistamines may help patients with malignant melanoma
Experts call for urgent attention on melanoma screening and checks in light of deadly delays
New cancer drug shrinks tumors, reduces side effects, in animal studies
Selective Killing of Cancer Cells by Cluttering Their Waste Disposal System
Triggering melanoma cell death
Researchers Have ‘Eureka’ Moment When Studying Molecule’s Role in Lymphedema
Time to scale-up prevention over detection of skin cancers
QIMR Berghofer scientist named Cure Cancer Researcher of year
AI taps human wisdom for faster, better cancer diagnosis
Bereaved individuals may face higher risk of dying from melanoma
Government strengthens support for melanoma patients with breakthrough treatment expanded on PBS
Pre-operative immunotherapy shows promise in oral cancers
2 in 3 Aussie adults still bronzed
Researchers identify possible new combination treatment for advanced melanoma
Innovation Clonal neoantigen specific tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes for cancer treatment
New strategy to stop melanoma spread
A little purple reminder to help prevent Summer Sunburn
Discovery of new T-cell raises prospect of ‘universal’ cancer therapy
B cells linked to effective cancer immunotherapy
New Year must be time for sunscreen surety
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4.8 million people in NSW were sunburnt last summer
Lifesaving Training Helps Doctors Find Skin Cancer Faster
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Australian researcher uncovering keys to malaria elimination receives major research award
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