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Plant root-associated bacteria preferentially colonize their native host-plant roots
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Modified yeast inhibits fungal growth in plants
Seven Degrees from One Trillion Species of Microbes
Washington People: Arpita Bose
South Australian growers develop revolutionary new worm biostimulant
Species of gut bacteria linked to enhanced cognition and language skills in infant boys
Simulating microswimmers in nematic fluids
€1 Million Prize for Plastics-to-Protein Research Awarded to Steve Techtmann, Ting Lu
Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis
USAFA Cadet Summer Program returns to Tyndall AFB
How plants compensate symbiotic microbes
Stanford ecologists develop a theory about how plants ‘pay’ their microbes
COVID-19 clears up rapidly after stool transplant to treat bacterial infection
Methane in plumes of Saturn’s moon Enceladus: Possible signs of life?
Research enhances understanding of switchgrass, an important bioenergy crop
You don’t have to be an astronaut to have a career in space
Invasive jumping worms leap into Oregon
Protein ‘big bang’ reveals molecular makeup for medicine and bioengineering
Unlocking power of microbiome
Researchers use bacterial film to strengthen soils
New enzyme breaks down waste for less expensive biofuels, bioproducts
Microbes feast on crushed rock in subglacial lakes beneath Antarctica
UCLA study reveals how immune cells can be trained to fight infections
Michelle O’Malley’s lab group discovers that anaerobic fungi
Soil microbes metabolize same polyphenols found in chocolate, wine
Arctic rotifers still alive after 24,000 years in a frozen state
Some seafloor microbes can take heat: And here’s what they eat
Start-stop System of Hunting Immune Cells
Beyond mere blueprints: Variable gene expression patterns and type 1 diabetes
Bacterial Energizers
Bioreactors chip away at nitrogen pollution
Scientific research improves seafood
Common lung infection in infants has different subtypes with differing asthma risks
Smartphone camera can illuminate bacteria causing acne, dental plaques
Efficiently “switching on” bacteria to produce high-value chemicals
Researchers look to gut microbiome to improve bone health
Safe enough to eat – dishing up answers in food labelling debate