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Bacteria in heat-high temperatures facilitate fermentation
Poor air quality in classrooms detrimental to kids’ wellbeing and learning
COVID-19 in our dust may help predict outbreaks, study finds
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Cover crops – a game changer 8 April
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Doing groundwork for a more holistic, gentler future
How spinifex gets its hole
How spinifex got its hole
Soil bacteria could improve crop yields, via fungi
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Stubble management: What to consider this autumn
Ancient atmospheric oxygen sleuthing with ocean chromium
Council weeding out invasive plants in Ross River
Tree fungus reduces fertilizer requirement for ketchup tomatoes
Synthetic mucus can mimic real thing
Queenslanders to get their hands dirty to save lives
Copper foam as a highly efficient, durable filter for reusable masks and air cleaners
When is right time to wean calves?
Researchers discover bacteria can make DNA using urine
Team predicts next-generation microbiome research promises agricultural advances
Legume trees support tropical forest growth by releasing nutrients from ancient soils
How an “Antibiotic” Helps Bacteria Eat
Eyeless roundworms sense color
Cover crops – a game changer
Researchers map metabolic signaling machinery for producing memory T cells
Climate change-driven snowmelt in Alps triggers abrupt seasonal change
World’s first biodegradable and recyclable plastic developed at White City
Climate change slows reduction of methylmercury levels in Arctic: University of Toronto study
Stromatolites – fossils of earliest life on Earth – may owe existence to viruses
Stromatolites – fossils of Earth’s earliest lifeforms – may owe their existence to viruses