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Bristol environmental scientists lead new research to improve quality of UK rivers
Synthetic fibres discovered in Antarctic samples show ‘pristine’ continent is now sink for plastic pollution
CDU plans for largest citizen science groundwater study in world
Unraveling secrets of microplastics released by tires
Synthetic fibers discovered in Antarctic air, seawater, sediment and sea ice as ‘pristine’ continent becomes sink for plastic
Expansion enables more to benefit from access to electron microscopy
Study demonstrates how microplastic particles differ across Atlantic Ocean
Where humans live, microplastics end up in rivers
Scientists find microplastics in Monterey Bay water, anchovies, and seabirds
Scientists cook up new way to remove microplastics from water
Reusable cups and containers to become second nature in Bondi
Plastic pollution in Committee’s sights
Project aims to give pupils insight into life of researcher
Leached chemicals from plastic pollution kill key marine microbes: study
Lasting impact: microplastics settling into soil
Viruses can ‘hitchhike’ on microplastics
FAO and IAEA scale up collaboration on peaceful nuclear technologies for agrifood systems
How can we ensure safe usage of waste streams?
Not-so-tough Teflon
Project to analyse microplastic pollution in cities
Volvo Environment Prize 2022 awarded for world-leading microplastics research
Diving against debris ahead of plastic ban
UBC Okanagan researchers determine tire particles can impact fresh water
Academic’s evidence highlighted in new report on preventing mass atrocities
UOW fashionistas rock for planet positivity
Govt failing our oceans
Behaviour change is essential to address climate emergency
Research examines potential for mechanical devices to clear ocean of plastics
Accurately tracking how plastic biodegrades
Insect larvae may contribute to microplastic pollution in rivers by gnawing through litter, research suggests
Venture Lab-backed startup begins cleaning waterways of plastic pollution
Something’s in air: It’s nanoplastic pollution
World-first microplastics lab launched in Darling Harbour by Seabin foundation
$10 million to tackle State’s big challenges
Shaping future: how science is making surfing more sustainable
All hands on board to battle microplastics
More Plastic Than Fish by 2050 – IAEA Event Gathers Experts Working Together to Save Marine Environments from Plastic Pollution
University of Portsmouth takes lead role in new plastic pollution publication
Plastics of future will live many past lives, thanks to chemical recycling
Manmade wetlands, barrier to spread of microplastics
New material biodegrades in ocean water
Microplastics found in commercial fish from southern New Zealand
Plastic degradation in ocean contributes to its acidification
First discovery of microplastics from water trapped on plant leaves
New kit enables study of microplastics in ocean
Microplastics are common in homes across 29 countries
Reveal fate of microplastics in coastal wastewater treatment plant by integrated membrane system
Investigation into plastic pollution moves inland