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Microplastics Hinder Energy Production in Freshwater Organisms
Microplastics Tracked in Oceans with Optics Technology
UofT Researchers Reduce Vehicle Non-Tailpipe Air Pollution
People Have Right to Decide Marine Environment Fate
Research of Nanoplastics Aids in Assessing Risks to People and Planet
Rising risks of plastic pollution
Engaging enterprises with climate crisis
Bubble Popping Theory May Track Ocean Pollution, Viruses
Scientists call for global push to eliminate space debris
New method for detecting nanoplastics in blood
Global Analysis Reveals Unprecedented Ocean Plastic Surge Since 2005
Nanoplastics Can Affect Metabolism
Genecis scales up efforts to commercialize plastic replacement
Seaweed Skin Revolutionizes Health, Fitness Sensor Tech
Light Used to Capture Nanoplastics in Tap Water
Danish waters are filled with plankton, not microplastics
NEW PROJECT: Optimizing Nuclear Techniques to Tackle Microplastic Pollution in Coastal Areas
USC Sustainability Research to Create Real World Change
Imperial Experts Urge Toxic Tyre Emissions to be Addressed
Electricity Generated from Wastewater Filtration Process
Penn State Scientists Tackle Pollution and Protection
Tracking ocean microplastics from space
Sun-Powered Gel Purifies Water for Daily Use
Vermont’s Food Waste Laws Popular, Issues Linger
Rocket Industry Growth Could Undo Ozone Layer Progress: Act Now
Oregon State Researchers Find Cotton, Synthetic Microfibers Impact Aquatic Organisms
100% Biodegradable Paper Straws: No Sogginess
Coating Prevents Synthetic Fabrics from Shedding Microplastics in Wash
Lack of investment leads to sewage overflows, research reveals
8 Ways to Reduce Risks of Toxic Pollutants in Homes
Virus & Microplastics: Double Trouble for Fish Health
Oranges, Coffee & Seaweed Beat Cotton in Sustainable Fashion
Researchers cook up new way to remove microplastics from water
Microplastics climate research gets funding boost
Handwashing Cuts Microplastic Emissions from Fabrics
Exploring air we breathe
Sunlight Breaks Down Plastic Pollution in Oceans
Scientists delve into natural slicks on Lake Geneva
Microplastics in Air: Is Exposure Hiding Inside Our Homes?
New Database To Identify Plastic Pollution Sources Created by Monterey Aquarium
Microplastics flow into Gulf waters
Lettuce Absorbs Toxic Additives from Car Tyres
Lettuce takes up toxic additives from tyre wear
FAO at COP15: What comes now?
Seafloor Microplastic Levels Triple in Two Decades
Canada Bans Harmful Single-Use Plastics
Christmas-Tinted Droplets Aid Fog Harvesting Solutions
Boxed baby formula powder contains microplastics