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Strong immune response underlies acute kidney injury related to COVID-19
Revealing secrets of cell competition
Twin motor modified from ATP synthase discovered
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Powerhouse of cell has self-preservation mechanism
Brain research uncovers “perfect storm” linked to neurodegenerative disease
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Relationship between chromosomal instability and senescence revealed in fly Drosophila
Methylglyoxal detoxification deficits causes schizophrenia-like behavioral abnormalities
Reactive oxygen species: Key components in cancer therapies
Clinical trial shows metabolic activators accelerates recovery in COVID-19 patients
Tricking Cellular Powerhouse to Circumvent Chemotherapy Resistance
I think so: researchers use phylogenetics to untangle convergent adaptation in birds
It’s True: Stress Does Turn Hair Gray
Exposure to pollutants, increased free-radical damage speeds up aging
Bacterial Energizers
How to shut down power stations of cancer cells
New study finds contaminants in many generic drugs may have harmful effects
New study gives clue to cause, and possible treatment of Parkinson’s Disease
Giving brown fat a boost to fight type 2 diabetes
Hollings research sheds light on connection between aging, cancer and mitochondrial function in T-cells
Some forams could thrive with climate change, metabolism study finds
Proteomics reveals how exercise increases efficiency of muscle energy production
Researchers Show How Mitochondrial Function Influences Schizophrenia Status in Patients with Genetic Disorder
Mitochondrial enzyme found to block cell death pathway points to new cancer treatment strategy
Turmeric Component May Help Improve Cholesterol, Lessen Statin Side Effects
How mitochondria make cut
Do people aged 105 and over live longer because they have more efficient DNA repair?
Changes in proteins play important role in aging kidneys
DNA building blocks regulate inflammation
Novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness
Researchers identify protein produced after stroke that triggers neurodegeneration
Cell adaptation in critically ill could be difference between life and death, new study shows
Assistant Professor Thomas McWilliams selected as a 2021 FENS-Kavli Scholar
Better mitochondria help athletes make gains
Lupus clues from cellular ‘power stations’
Experimental gene therapy for vision loss condition shows promise in mice
Birds’ blood functions as heating system in winter
Bird blood functions as heating system in winter
A twin study indicates that metabolic changes in fat tissue in obesity associated with adverse health effects – No similar link
Urolithin A shows effective against muscular dystrophy
University of Nebraska Medical Center researchers reveal elusive inner workings of antioxidant enzyme with therapeutic potential
Gene therapy technique shows potential for repairing damage caused by glaucoma and dementia
GlyNAC improves strength and cognition in older humans
Penn Medicine Researchers Reveal How a Cell Mixes its Mitochondria Before It Divides
Cells burn more calories after just one bout of moderate aerobic exercise, OSU study finds