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Excessive degradation of mitochondria found to be tipping point from normal
Research reveals postbiotic urolithin improves muscle strength and exercise performance in middle aged adults
Understanding genomic modifications in transgenic papaya
Research reveals how tumor cells use mitochondria to keep growing
Smoke from wildfires ages in atmosphere
Structures of Tetrahymena ‘s respiratory chain reveal diversity of eukaryotic core metabolism
Research reveals new targets for diagnosing and treating aggressive cancers
How Herpesviruses Awaken
Benefits of exercise may vary greatly in primary mitochondrial disease
Biologists investigate what happens when traits jump between branches of tree of life
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
Origin of complex cells started without oxygen
Boys are more demanding than girls before they are born
Death in darkness: new type of cell death discovered in fly guts
New type of cell death discovered in fly guts
New grant program to fund basic neurodegeneration research with therapeutic potential
University spin-out company aiming to treat degenerative disease announces funding
Balancing lipids and recycling to prevent mitochondrial meltdown
Lancaster part of MRC National Mouse Genetics Network
York academics to lead pioneering blood cancer research
Andrew Dillin shares Lurie Prize for work on aging
Vitamin K2 Repairs Nerve Cells via Mitochondrial Quality Control Loop
Novel acute myeloid leukemia subtypes identified
Are egg cells in aging primates protected from mutations?
Researchers Uncover Unique Mechanism for Cancer Therapy Resistance
Towards clinical revolution
Obesity during pregnancy affects baby and placenta – but impacts vary depending on sex
New dimension in transplantation
Research finds nondividing colon cancer cells use altered glucose metabolism
Limiting energy in neurons exacerbates epilepsy
Atossa – protein queen commanding cell invasion
New tests and treatments developed in mice for pulmonary fibrosis
Getting fuel to an invading cell’s front line
Correct mitochondrial function prevents muscle loss during ageing
Researchers study how gene expression changes in brain in Alzheimer’s disease
Gene could prevent Parkinson’s disease
CNIC study highlights risks of mitochondrial therapeutic interventions
SKI Researchers Discover new twist on an 80-year-old biochemical pathway
GlyNAC supplementation extends life span in mice
GlyNAC supplementation extends life span
EPFL spin-off develops protein to boost immunotherapy
Vision scientists discover new angle on path of light through photoreceptors
Scientists discover new angle on path of light through photoreceptors
New molecular family tree of grasses
Advancing our view at subcellular level
Vitamin B3 trialled as glaucoma treatment
Better crops without genetic modification
Researchers find genetic ‘fingerprints’ of ancient migrations in modern-day United Arab Emirates