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Pancreatic Cell Loss Linked to Diabetes Development
Dietary Supplement Could Reverse HIV/ART Organ Damage
Experiment to study muscle ageing heading to space
New Sustainable Source Found for Promising Cancer Killer
Molecular Mechanism of Type 2 Diabetes Discovered
Key to Managing Kidney Disease Discovered
Penn Researchers Identify Key Mechanism of Kidney Disease
Drug Makes Mice Slim Despite High-Calorie Diet
Cellular Smoke Detector Found: Eureka
Which Diet is Best: Intermittent Fasting or Keto?
Loss of Pancreatic Cell Type Linked to Diabetes
Team Finds Link Between TKI Cancer Drugs & Inflammatory Side Effects
Scientists Uncover Role of Mitochondria in Cancer Cells
Heart Tissue in Space to Study Aging, Long Spaceflights
Paul Ehrlich Prize Sheds Light on Immune System’s Origins
COVID-19 Discovery May Shield High-Risk Patients
Funding for Mitochondrial Donation Program Announced
UVA Discovery Could Protect High-Risk Covid Patients
ALS: New Immune Pathway Discovered
Collab Enhances Therapies for Stiff Heart Failure: HRI
$15 million for mitochondrial disease research
Therapeutic target found for glaucoma treatment
Novel ACLY Inhibitor 326E Promising for Hypercholesterolemia
Ribosomes enable heart to switch between maintenance and energy-boost mode
Heart Tissue to Space to Study Aging and Spaceflight Impact
Oak Ridge Lab: Neutron Study Shows Spider Lily Kills Cancer Cells, Spares Healthy
Novel Drug Candidates for PD Found Through Semantic Similarity
How to generate new neurons in brain
Creating New Neurons in Brain: How-To Guide
FDA Approves First Drug for Friedreich’s Ataxia
Why your mitochondria matter
Big impact of rare disease research
Giant Cells’ Fastest Movement Explained by Proteins
Miniproteins Discovered Out of Nowhere: Evolution
Iron-Linked Ferroptosis Triggered by Labile Iron
Scientists Create Tool to Study Mitochondria – Scripps
Time of day may determine amount of fat burned by exercise
Salt Restricts Immune Regulator Energy Supply
CHOP Receives Grant to Enhance Mitochondrial Research
Research: Keto Diet Improves Muscle Strength, Brain Health in Aging
Research Finds Lipids Cause Miscommunication in Neurodegenerative Disease
Mitochondria Linked to Major Depression in Older Adults
Spanish Scientists Find New Target to Treat Obesity-Related Illnesses
Breakthrough in mitochondrial regulation
AI helps scientists decipher cellular structures
Molecular machines could treat fungal infections
New species of microalgae discovered
Evolutionary Tuning of a Cellular “Powerhouse”