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Hijacking Host Defenses Gives Bacteria an Advantage
NAD+ can restore age-related muscle deterioration
Why cancer cells waste so much energy
Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms
Light flips genetic switch in bacteria inside transparent worms
Reducing proton leak restores function in aging heart cells
New drug molecules hold promise for treating rare inherited terminal childhood disease
Like tentacles catching fish
Novel principle for cancer treatment shows promising effect
New drug inhibits growth of cancer cells
Friedreich’s Ataxia Center of Excellence at CHOP Awarded $1.275 Million to Advance Medical Research
Amino Acid Recycling in Cells: Autophagy Helps Cells Adapt to Changing Conditions
Scientists discover how COVID-19 virus causes multiple organ failure in mice
To understand how SARS-CoV-2 replicates, Vanderbilt scientists look at host cell-virus interactions
Studies offers tips on lessening spaceflight-related risk
Research team uncovers significant reason older adults are at increased risk of suffering a heart attack
Cell Membranes in Super Resolution
UAB researchers awarded La Marat grants to study rare diseases
La Trobe receives $4.1m in ARC grants
Improved reprogramming
Researcher Investigates Promising Candidate for Mitochondrial Disease Treatment
‘Rewiring’ metabolism in insulin-producing cells may aid Type 2 diabetes treatment
Fighting cancer radioresistance and invasiveness
Cell ageing can be slowed by oxidants
Surprising insights into role of autophagy in neurons
Light-gated control of cytoskeleton
Muscle Pain and Energy-Rich Blood: Cholesterol Medicine Affects Organs Differently
Degradation of damaged organelles in plant cells involves an unknown mechanism
Fats fighting back against bacteria
Scientists help to identify common vulnerabilities in Covid-19 and other lethal coronaviruses
Common Vulnerabilities of Coronaviruses
Researchers mine data and connect dots about processes driving neuroblastoma
Taking STING out of MND
Contraceptive researcher Polina Lishko receives MacArthur “genius” award
Four at UW Medicine earn High-Risk, High-Reward awards
Evidence of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease found in brains of young people exposed to
International Research Team Develops Consensus Variant Classification Guidelines for Genomic Variants
Ludwig study finds a common nutritional supplement might boost effects of cancer immunotherapy
Key to immune system inflammation discovered
Low doses of insecticide trigger neurodegeneration in insects
Inside mitochondria and their fascinating genome
Vanderbilt biologists test evolutionary theories with novel empirical study of ‘cheater’ mitochondria
Fructose Made in Brain Could be a Mechanism Driving Alzheimer’s Disease
Diverting cells’ energy pathway could pave way for new Parkinson’s treatments
With energy against depression
New national imaging center has potential to transform medicine
Study provides molecular look at how healthy muscle adapts to exercise
Mysterious cellular droplets come into focus