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New insights into processes that cause Parkinson’s disease
Study Reveals How Too Much Fluoride Causes Defects in Tooth Enamel
Targeting turncoat immune cells to treat cancer
Mitochondria study could help boost understanding of diabetes and aging
Study provides new understanding of mitochondria genome with potential for new avenues of treatment for multiple cancers
Mushrooms may alleviate features of pre-eclampsia
Researchers discover defective cellular transport system as a new cause of Parkinson’s disease
Understanding how cells defend their genome against invaders
Could depression be linked to our cells’ metabolism?
Taking Aim at Gastric Cancer: New approach to selective chemotherapy
Post-translational modification of PGK1 found as a key signal in tumor growth
Walking sharks discovered in tropics
Investigating mysteries of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy
A sea monster’s genome
High resolution structure and molecular simulations of a key bioenergetic protein
Making real a biotechnology dream: nitrogen-fixing cereal crops
Cancer-like metabolism makes brain grow
Sustaining mitochondrial function
Sydney research among most influential of 2019
Undergraduate research awards go to seven UO scholars
Raising plants to withstand climate change
$175k grant to further research into treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
Increasing food intake by swapping mitochondrial genomes
NHMRC Ideas Grant success
Victoria University awarded more than $2.3 million to improve health & data security
Last chance to tell us what you think about mitochondrial donation
Mitochondrial Mixing Mechanism Critical for Sperm Production in Mice
Pathway to Parkinson’s takes a surprising twist
Self-cannibalizing mitochondria may set stage for ALS development
Oxygen deficiency rewires mitochondria
A Solution to a Hairy Problem in Forensic Science
“Big data” for life sciences – A human protein co-regulation map reveals new insights into protein
Online tool speeds response to elephant poaching by tracing ivory to source
Cocktail proves toxic to leukemia cells
Mitochondria’s activity in lung tumors could predict response to treatment
Deepest look yet at brewer’s yeasts reveals diversity harnessed by humans
Health in old age is a lifelong affair
Adelaide media call 11 am. Should Australia allow mitochondrial donation?
Stress in Powerhouse of Cell
A compound effective to chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells identified
New hope for people with diabetes
CSI at sea – Researcher looks for life using DNA from water samples
Failure of Mitochondrial Quality Control Causes Heart Disease
Tissue damage caused by a heart attack to be reduced by 30%?
New genetic link found for some forms of SIDS
Ten thousand types of plant outgrowths bundled
Mitochondrial Aging Theory questioned: aging is in nucleus
Mitochondria studies critical to search for heart failure cure