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Carrots: Improve Eyesight & Create Degradable Polymers
Carrots: Improve Eyesight & Create Degradable Polymers
New corrosion protection that repairs itself
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CAS Researchers Suggest Quick ID, Drug Resistance Test for Respiratory Pathogens
New tool in arsenal against Covid is being put to t
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U-M Discovery Reduces Time to Build Molecules by 70%
U-M Discovery Slashes Time to Build Molecules
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Structure of Amyloid Protein Offers Clues to Rare Disease Cause
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Rainbow of Force-Activated Pigments
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Long-Lasting Antibodies Fight Covid on Two Fronts
DNA ‘Bait’ Used in Accurate Test for Respiratory Viruses
Integrated photonic circuits could help close ‘terahertz gap’
USTC Creates Single-Atom Encapsulated Molecule
Proton Transfer Boosts Copper Electrode’s CO2-to-CH4 Selectivity
Data offers COVID vaccine ideas with better variant resilience