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Astronomers Witness Birth of Distant Galaxy Cluster in Early Universe
AI Discovers First Stars Had Companions
AI Finds that First Stars were Clustered Together
New Superconducting Amplifiers: High Performance, Low Power
Decade of unveiling hidden universe: ALMA at 10
ALMA Traces Water’s Planet Formation Back to Interstellar Medium
Protostar in spiral arms
Resurrected Supernova Provides Missing-Link
Astronomers show how ‘spiral arms’ feed young, developing stars
Spiral Pattern Gives Clue to how High-Mass Stars Form
Tadpole Playing Around Black Hole
Outflows from Baby Star Affect Nearby Star Formation
Starry Tail Tells Tale of Dwarf Galaxy Evolution
Model-Independent Method to Weigh Protoplanetary Disks
ALMA Scientists Uncover Secrets of Massive Star with Hydrogen Masers
Black Holes Dine Together in Galactic Merger: ALMA Observes
ALMA and JWST Uncover Secret Shaping of Stephan’s Quintet
Machine Learning Reveals How Black Holes Grow
Deepest look yet into heart of quasar
International Team Observes Innermost Structure of Quasar Jet
Gold-rich Stars Came from Ancient Galaxies
Prime Focus Spectrograph passes significant testing milestone to capture light from many stars at once
Rare Earth Elements Synthesis Confirmed in Neutron Star Mergers
Rare Earth Element Synthesis Confirmed in Neutron Star Mergers
Day at Beach for Life on Other Worlds
Is Over-Eating to Blame for Bulges in Milky Way Bar?
ALMA witnesses deadly star-slinging tug-of-war between merging galaxies
ALMA makes first-ever detection of gas in circumplanetary disk
Explosive neutron star merger captured for first time in millimeter light
Researchers reveal distribution of dark matter around galaxies 12 billion years ago-further back
Super-Earth Skimming Habitable Zone of Red Dwarf
Measuring Universe with Star-Shattering Explosions
Artificial Intelligence Solves Mysteries of Universe
Brief Encounter with Mysterious Heavenly Event
Galaxy Revving-up in Early Universe
ALMA gets front-row seat to an ongoing star-formation standoff in large Magellanic Cloud
Quiet life of Messier 94
Near-Sun Comet Roasted to Death
Researchers on hunt for planetary formation fossils reveal unexpected eccentricities in nearby debris disk
Yoyo Stars Responsible for Off-Center Bubbles
Supermassive Black Holes Inside of Dying Galaxies Detected in Early Universe
Researchers Reveal Hemispheric Asymmetry of Long-term Sunspot Activity
Scientist part of group to reveal first image of black hole at heart of our galaxy
First image of an Invisible
Classifying Exoplanet Atmospheres Opens New Field of Study
Researchers find elusive gas from post-starburst galaxies hiding in plain sight
Mysteries of gas giants known as ‘hot Jupiters’ unravelled
Missing-Link Black Hole Found Lurking in Plain Sight