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Scientists report novel findings for breast cancer patients with obesity, diabetes
Vaping – not prior smoking – linked to changes in gene regulation linked to disease
Study finds link between Medicaid expansion and lower cancer mortality
Although inclusion is increasing, certain populations are still under-represented in cancer clinical trials
Stealthy way to combat tumors
Scientists Identify New Types of Blood Cancer and Potential Targeted Treatments
Target prevents T-cell exhaustion, boosts CAR T-cell responses
Researchers identify new types of blood cancer and potential targeted treatments
MD Anderson research highlights for November 17, 2021
Stroke survivors less likely than cancer survivors to have quit smoking, says new study
Young Adult Cancer Patients May Need Different Treatment Options
Practice-changing trial results for advanced melanoma skin cancer
Research tackles reducing bladder cancer recurrence
Kobe University: Global Knowledge Base that will Invigorate Future Society
How are alike are cancer cells from single patient?
Lung cancer awareness with U of M: Smoking, radon, and cancer treatment and prevention
New technique may lead to safer stem cell transplants
Drug combination helps children with acute promyelocytic leukemia avoid conventional chemotherapy
Progress against cancer deaths 50 years after National Cancer Act passed
Research encourages cautious approach to CRISPR therapeutics
Commonwealth Foundation for Cancer Research $25M gift to accelerate cancer research through collaboration of Dana-Farber/Harvard
Scientists at ORNL employ digital esophagus to battle Barrett’s
Immunotherapy may yield longer treatment-free survival than targeted therapy
Drug used to prevent miscarriage increases risk of cancer in offspring
UVA Reveals How Gene Mutation Boosts Cancer Risk
Safety concerns raised for neuroblastoma candidate drug
Fat-Secreted Molecule Lowers Response to Common Cancer Treatment
UTSW findings advance RAS inhibitors for use in fighting more cancers
Ibrutinib improves survival for younger people with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Experimental drug boosts immunotherapy effectiveness in pancreatic cancer
Research finds cancer features that could guide personalized radiotherapy
Combining Two ‘Old Therapies’ Packs Powerful Punch Against Pediatric Brain Tumors
Identifying Therapeutic Targets for Aggressive HR-positive Breast Cancer
MD Anderson research highlights for November 3, 2021
Memories… or why inflammatory arthritis always recurs in certain joints
Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill scientists identify new antibody for Covid and variants
Differences in T cells’ functional states determine resistance to cancer therapy
COVID-caused mammography delays hit minorities harder
Study looks at approaches for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
Research reveals novel pathway, enzyme responsible for thrombosis in patients with chronic kidney disease
As Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ends, These Facts Are Worth Remembering
Differences in T cells’ functional state determine resistance to cancer therapy
Drug-like molecule points to novel strategies for cancer therapy
Gene signature IDs drivers of treatment resistance in metastatic breast cancer
Cleveland Clinic study links gut microbiome and aggressive prostate cancer
Serial radiation therapy is safe and effective as alternative treatment to systemic therapy for kidney cancer
Multi-algorithm approach helps deliver personalized medicine for cancer patients
Survival similar for younger and older patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, study finds