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Immunotherapy effective in metastatic prostate cancers with specific markers of immune activation
New sensors could offer early detection of lung tumors
Inherited mutation can predispose children to a type of brain tumor
Researchers study processes that cause breast cancer recurrence, spread
UVA Finds Way to Improve Cancer Outcomes by Examining Patients’ Genes
3 Questions: risks of using 3D printing to make personal protective equipment
Using “organs-on-a-chip” to model complicated diseases
Mimicking Cancer to Avoid Transplant Rejection
Personalized blood biopsies demonstrate potential as early-warning signal of breast cancer
AI taps human wisdom for faster, better cancer diagnosis
Listening to your gut: A powerful new tool on microbiome and cell metabolism
Dana-Farber research team awarded Pancreatic Cancer Collective “New Therapies Challenge” grant
Imaging technique reveals 3D forces exerted by tiny cell clusters
Repurposed antidepressant could be a new treatment for recurrent prostate cancer
Study: AI improves radiologists’ readings of mammograms
Blood Test Can Predict Clinical Response to Immunotherapy in Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Physics tool helps track cancer cell diversity
Study Reveals How Too Much Fluoride Causes Defects in Tooth Enamel
Molecular roadmap boosts fight against endometrial cancer
New, Detailed Molecular Roadmap Boosts Fight Against Endometrial Cancer
Scientists find ally in fight against brain tumors: Ebola
Cancer Council NSW awards $3.75M for research aiming to transform way ovarian cancer is treated
ORNL researchers develop ‘multitasking’ AI tool to extract cancer data in record time
Absent p53, oral cancers recruit and reprogram nerves to fuel tumor growth
Lights Out Cancer gala raises more than $1 million for research
Bridging gap between AI and clinic
Teen and young adult cancer survivors find support at University of Southern California
Viral epidemics, public health and universal vaccine against influenza, in international conference Viruses2020
Penn Researchers Identify Cancer Cell Defect Driving Resistance to CAR T Cell Therapy
Study takes on e-cigarette warning ‘paradox’
Ingestible medical devices can be broken down with light
Chromatin organizes itself into 3D ‘forests’ in single cells
Discoveries detail role of stem cell in deadly gastric cancer
Researchers identify immune-suppressing target in glioblastoma
What Cancer Survivors Need After Treatment Concludes
Kevin Haigis to become Chief Research Officer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Penn Researchers Predict 10-Year Breast Cancer Recurrence with MRI Scans
Storing medical information below skin’s surface
A new gene therapy strategy, courtesy of Mother Nature
Breast biopsies after neoadjuvant chemotherapy accurately predict presence of residual breast cancer
A Rare Window Into Workings of Colon in a Live Animal
Winship realigns research programs to increase impact
Oracle Health Sciences Participates in TOP Tech Sprint
Acupuncture reduces radiation-induced dry mouth for cancer patients
UConn and Yale Researchers Draw an Evolutionary Connection Between Pregnancy and Cancer Metastasis
LLNL’s presence in HPC shines bright at SC19
New treatment could ease passage of kidney stones
Innovative Model Allows Researchers to Watch Cancer Cells Spread