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Lifestyle changes, meds effective to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes; no change in CVD
Cancer impact in Hawaiʻi examined in UH Cancer Center report
Killer T vs. memory – DNA isn’t destiny for T cells
Cancer vulnerabilities could get exposed by ‘game changing’ method
Cancer death rates among Black people declined over time, but remain higher than other racial and ethnic groups
Depression, loneliness associated with increased hospitalization risk after Covid, NIH-funded study suggests
Schmitz receives $3.2 million to bring supportive cancer care to rural areas
COVID booster needed for broad protection against omicron variants
Scientists discover effective combination immunotherapy for liver cancer
Researchers identify tumor-based methylation patterns as cancer biomarkers
Penn Medicine Study Reveals Imaging Approach with Potential to Detect Lung Cancer Earlier, at Cellular Level
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center study points to expanded genomic testing that aims to benefit children and young adults
New molecular subset of pediatric liver cancer identified
Immunotherapy may play role in treating nonmetastatic gastroesophageal cancer
Adolescent and young adult leukemia survivors have shorter life span compared to those who have never had cancer
Markey Study Finds ‘Super Gene’ Shows Promise for Preventing Obesity
Adolescent and young adult leukemia survivors face higher mortality rates than general population for decades after diagnosis
Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may adopt other healthy routines
Simones career reboot: from IT to nursing
Research in JNCCN encourages harnessing health technology to help cancer patients quit smoking
NRG oncology study of photon versus proton therapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma completes accrual
Discovery of cell protein that keeps Kaposi’s sarcoma herpesvirus dormant
Ludwig MSK study modeling tumor evolution reveals vulnerability for cancer prevention and therapy
Private Sector Steps Up on Cancer Moonshot Call to Action on Cancer Screening
Tool to unlock ‘numbers game’ of big data in rare disease research
NIH should create an Office of Autoimmune Disease Research, says new report
Researchers identify pathway that regulates lipid synthesis and contributes to tumor survival
Study finds cells take out trash before they divide
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to future cardiac events
Researchers identify key factors impacting adaptive therapy
Nanoparticle technology could be new, noninvasive treatment for endometriosis
Strategy overcomes EZH2 inhibitor resistance in SMARCB1 mutated cancer
Better cancer care experiences with clinical research professionals
Uterine cancer deaths are rising in United States, and are highest among Black women
Uncovering warped protein interactions in cancer
Research reveals adolescent and young adult cancer survivors face increased cancer incidence and mortality risk
Awards & Accolades 5 May
Life-saving new approaches for mesothelioma cancer recommended
New research supports combining two clinical cancer drugs to treat specific type of colorectal cancers
From Blurry to Bright: AI Tech Helps Researchers Peer into Brains of Mice
Ai tech helps researchers peer into brains of mice
Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center reveals CAR-T therapy effective in Black And Hispanic patients
Gene mutations that contribute to head and neck cancer also provide “precision” treatment targets
Researchers develop model to predict patients with poor lung cancer outcomes
Moderate exercise improves immune response in breast cancer survivors
Why Breakthrough COVID? Antibodies Fighting Original Virus May Be Weaker Against Omicron
Machine learning model can steer traumatic brain injury patients to life-saving care
Study finds jumping “junk” DNA is a novel cause of childhood brain cancer