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UNSW academic awarded $1.5m grant for treatment of malignant melanoma
Daily coffee consumption associated with improved survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
NIH funds research into differences in glioblastoma between males and females
UPMC Hillman Offers New Immunotherapy for MCL
RNA Information Transfer Could Be Used in Repairing DNA
UCSF’s Covidseeker to Track Coronavirus with Cell Phone Data
To prevent cancer, University of Southern California researchers look beyond traditional risk factors
Pandemic changing how cancer researchers connect and network
Fighting breast cancer with nanotech, immunotherapy
Cholesterol metabolite causes immune system to attack T cells instead of breast cancer, study finds
Powerful push for AI for cancer immunotherapy
Proclamation on National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, 2020
Research shows stimulating tuft cell production reverses intestinal inflammation
Sulfur-scavenging bacteria could be key to making common component in plastic
A new method for making a key component of plastics
Study: COVID-19 Messaging Less Effective When Tied to Trump
FIU research continues to target COVID-19
Novel PROTAC enhances its intracellular accumulation and protein knockdown
In one cancer therapy, two halves are safer than
Baylor recruiting for study to observe COVID-19 in cancer patients
New Treatment Shows Success in High-Risk Solid Tumors
Nearly half of teens who vape say they want to quit
Over 60% of public schools are within 1,000 feet of tobacco retailers, finds new study
Tumour gene test could help to predict ovarian cancer prognosis
A new test may better predict ovarian cancer survival
Immunotherapy-resistant cancers eliminated in mouse study
Standardized Care May Help Equalize Health Outcomes Among Patients with Testicular Cancer
Elemental: unique devastation of cancer in a pandemic
HIV vaccine design strategy holds promise for COVID
National Cancer Institute Designates Penns Abramson Cancer Center as Exceptional
Penn Medicine Receives $4.9 Million Grant to Improve Uptake of Cancer Care Best Practices
Scientists using AI to benefit cancer patients
Study IDs women who benefit less from 3D mammograms
New Machine Learning Method Allows Hospitals to Share Patient Data Privately
New Computational Model by CHOP Researchers Identifies Noncoding Mutations Across Five Pediatric Cancers
Gene-controlling mechanisms play key role in cancer progression
Heather Brandt, Ph.D., to lead cancer prevention community outreach projects for St. Jude
Quitline and surgery are big motivators for quitting smoking
Prostate cancer metastasis linked to revival of dormant molecular program
Doctors motivated by both health, malpractice concerns when ordering additional tests
Ludwig Cancer Research study finds reprogramming of immune cells enhances effects of radiotherapy
Brain Cancer: Scientists Identify Gene Responsible for Deadly Glioblastoma
New therapy extends breast cancer survival rate, prevents reoccurrence
New $3.7M grant to support research exploring mysterious link between cancer, HIV/AIDS
Helping drug-delivering particles squeeze through a syringe
St. Jude researchers create an analytic tool that opens a new frontier of cancer discovery
Popular chemotherapy drug may be less effective in overweight and obese women
Study Gains New Insight Into Bacterial DNA Packing