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Big Data Powers Design of ‘Smart’ Cell Therapies for Cancer
First large-scale, multicenter proteogenomic analysis offers new insights into pediatric brain tumor biology
Unexpected discovery about stem cell immortality: study
Breast Cancer Study Hits 30K Milestone in Demystifying Risk
A 20-second test to predict risk of major adverse events after surgery
Channeling immune system
Researchers join project to understand sex differences in brain cancer outcomes
Medicaid expansion may result in earlier diagnosis of colon cancer
Innovative training program boosts expertise in putting cancer research into practice
Vitamin D Supplements May Reduce Risk of Developing Advanced Cancer
Proteogenomics enhances identification of therapeutic vulnerabilities in breast cancer
Model for COVID-19 drug discovery a Gordon Bell finalist
Griffith and Nanostring launch Centre of Excellence in spatial biology
Researchers study how immune system responds to COVID-19
Everest Family and Gaylord Foundation Pledge $7.5 Million Gift to OU to Benefit Cancer Care and Research
Researchers Discover How to Boost Efficacy of Vaccine Designed to Prevent Melanoma Recurrence
UPMC Magee Opens Women’s Health Services at UPMC Lemieux
Diagnostic Imaging May Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer
Cancer patients at increased risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19
Increase in Early-Stage Cancer Tied to ACA’s Expansion
‘Organ on a chip’ is wave of future
Large-scale cancer proteomics study profiles protein changes in response to drug treatments
Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on Cancer Care
Combining Eastern Medicine with Western to Improve Cancer Therapy
Baylor, VA to enhance breast cancer treatment for veterans
CU Lung Cancer Specialist: ‘You Have to Personalize Miracles’
Dawn-to-sunset fasting could help those suffering from metabolic syndrome
Colon cancer surgery performed by highly skilled surgeons improves long-term survival for patients
Skilled surgeons boost colon cancer survival by 70%
SLIM Reaches New Levels
Mobilizing for Better Cancer Care through Innovation and Cooperation in Times of COVID-19
CWRU and UH researchers secure $4 Million in NCI funding to investigate relationships between HIV and lung cancer
Low quantity and quality of muscle predicts poor outcomes in colon cancer surgery
Tyler Jacks, founding director of MIT’s Koch Institute, to step down
Liver Cancer Diagnoses and Deaths Impacted by Geography and Household Income
Indian and Pakistani Women Diagnosed with More Aggressive Breast Cancer at Younger Age
Rock Icon Eddie Van Halen’s Battle With Cancer Ends
New lab test clarifies potential protective effects of COVID-19 antibodies
Trial aims to extend remission for patients with mantle cell lymphoma
Carnegie Mellon Heads New Center for Studying Structure of Cell Nucleus
New Test Can Target and Capture Most Lethal Cells in Fatal Brain Cancer
All-terrain microrobot flips through a live colon
NCI awarding Emory $19.8 million to study cancer, autoimmune intersection w/ COVID-19
Researchers mine data and connect dots about processes driving neuroblastoma
To make mini-organs grow faster, give them a squeeze
UCLA draws record $1.4 billion in research funding
Genetic risk factors identified for prostate cancer
Mount Sinai Selected to Serve as Capacity Building Center and Center of Excellence as Part of National Cancer