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Targeted drug found effective in thwarting pancreatic tumors
Osteoporosis: New Approach to Understanding Bone Strength Pays Dividends
Early career investigator receives federal funding to research lethal prostate cancer
Study sheds light on treatment options for devastating childhood brain cancer
Ludwig Cancer Research study reveals how certain immune cells in body cavities help suppress anti-tumor immunity
Combination targeted therapy provides durable remission for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Social media may influence parents’ views on HPV vaccination
“Stage Zero” Breast Cancer: What’s Optimal Treatment for DCIS?
Awards & Accolades 9 June
NIH grant boosts computational search for cancer drugs
Immune therapy after surgery lowers relapse risk in patients with high-risk melanoma
A potential new antiviral drug for COVID-19
NIH researchers identify potential new antiviral drug for COVID-19
Researchers use ‘hole-y’ math and machine learning to study cellular self-assembly
NIH supports mathematical optimization of tumor treatment
Childhood cancer discovery may stop tumour spread before it starts
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and other top U.S. cancer centers call for urgent action to get cancer-preventing HPV vaccination
Brain tumors caused by normal neuron activity in mice predisposed to such tumors
New research study aims to improve cancer disparities
Glioblastoma study discovers protective role of metabolic enzyme, revealing a novel therapeutic target
Even among insured, cost may delay follow up care for cancer survivors
World No Tobacco Day 2021 awards – winners
St. Jude, other top U.S. cancer centers call for urgent action to get cancer-preventing HPV vaccination on track
MD Anderson and other top U.S. cancer centers call for urgent action to get cancer-preventing HPV vaccination back on track
Nation’s cancer centers urge action to get HPV vaccinations back on track
New AI-based tool can find rare cell populations in large single-cell datasets
New Insights Into Hormone’s Action Could Help in Battle Against Prostate Cancer
Tumor marker may help overcome endocrine treatment-resistant breast cancer
Hepatitis C Screening Doubles When Tests Ordered Ahead of Time
New Technology Makes Tumor Eliminate Itself
Uninsured cancer patients 60-64 face worse outcomes than Medicare beneficiaries aged 66-69
Hollings researcher identifies that lack of insurance is worse than age in affecting poor cancer outcomes
Researchers make ‘bombshell’ discovery of an entirely new kind of biomolecule
New sensor could help guide cancer treatment options in patients
Triple-negative breast cancer more deadly for African American women
People at high genetic risk for colorectal cancer benefit more from lifestyle changes
NK cells with bispecific antibody show activity against lymphoma cells
80% of Hospitalized COVID Patients Have Neurological Issues
MD Anderson and Broad Institute launch new translational research platform focused on rare cancers
Researchers discover new class of cancer fighting compounds
Single-cell map of early stage lung cancer and normal lung sheds light on tumor development, new therapeutic targets
Silver Nanoclusters Inhibit DNA Replication
Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer in women under 50
Molecular analysis identifies key differences in lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
This Tiny Device May Help Scientists Cure Colorectal Cancer
Cancer Researchers Study Cognitive Dysfunction after Chemo
Micro-environment of breast cancer in three dimensions
Study aims to improve tobacco treatment delivery for people with HIV