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Researchers develop brain organoids with complex neural activity
Fragile X syndrome: human brain organoids model disorder more closely than mice
Loss of Placental Hormone Linked to Brain and Social Behavior Changes
Brain cortex may regulate need for sleep
Retina ‘hardwired’ to predict path of moving objects
Research Snapshot: Discovery points to ketamine’s long-term antidepressant effects
Research reveals calcium precisely directs blood flow in brain
New Alzheimer’s treatment targets identified
Studying pre-teen brain for insights into mental health disorders
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprising Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprsing Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Overcoming long-term trauma can be facilitated
Implanted wireless device triggers mice to form instant bond
Connecting Dots Between Engagement and Learning
How mouse brains reorganise old memories when new ones are laid down
International consensus to spur study of astrocytes in diseases of nervous system
Immune cells attack synapses
Cerebral cortex: Immune cells remove synapses
Repairing synapses to combat multiple sclerosis
Timing is of essence when treating brain swelling in mice
Brain tissue yields clues to causes of PTSD
Brain Stem Cells Divide over Months
Astrocytes influence behaviour
Research strongly suggests COVID-19 virus enters brain
New fundamental knowledge of “abdominal brain”
A hunger for social contact
New neural network explains human behaviours from dynamic brain activity
New neural network explains human behaviour from dynamic brain activity
New model of human brain ‘conversations’ could inform research on brain disease, cognition
Neuroscientists discover a molecular mechanism that allows memories to form
MRI scan of brains of 130 species of mammals, including humans, indicates equal connectivity
Study helps to settle debate on roles of REM and non-REM sleep in visual learning
MRI scan of brains of 130 species of mammals, including humans, indicates equal connectivity
Study: Neurons can shift how they process information about motion
Problems with alcohol? 29 gene variants may explain why
New and Diverse Experiences Linked to Enhanced Happiness, New Study Shows
Neurobiologist Finds Potent Pain-Suppression Center in Brain
A ‘consciousness conductor’ synchronizes and connects mouse brain areas
Roots of language
Neuroscientists find memory cells that help us interpret new situations
Scientists design new model to further understand causes of Alzheimer’s disease
Neuron-making in nose could help people with smell loss; other neurologic disorders
Neural basis of sensory hypersensitivity
Why monkeys choose to drink alone
Biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease May Originate in Gut
Brain immune cells, neurodegeneration differ in males, females
Researchers identify new genetic link to schizophrenia
Cells study helping to crack code to Alzheimer’s disease