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Ground-breaking new Economics of Sustainability courses for professionals
Engineer ing receives $4 million in funding to improve urban climates
$16 million to secure ratepayers better deal on waste
$15.8 million awarded to six Waterloo research projects aimed at tackling climate change
Building green energy facilities can produce significant carbon emissions
It’s time to add climate change and net-zero emissions to RBA’s top 3 economic goals
Australian War Memorial build takes shape
Canada signs-on to Net-Zero Government Initiative
Uniting universities behind common purpose key to tackling global challenges: University of Alberta president
Urgency, Accountability, and Private Jets at UN Climate Summit COP27
Canada joins Joint Declaration from Energy Importers and Exporters on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fossil Fuels
Minister Miller Announces Federal Investment for Clean Energy Technology in Montreal
Biden- Harris Administration Proposes Plan to Protect Federal Supply Chain from Climate-Related Risks
Our buildings are driving us closer to ‘climate hell’ – how do we get back on course to net zero?
Minister of Transport announces Canadian Green Shipping Corridors Framework and Canada joining Zero-Emission Shipping Mission
Biden- Harris Administration Makes Historic Investment in America’s National Labs, Announces Net-Zero Game Changers Initiative
Clean, green, emission-free target for State’s public housing stock
Remarks by Vice President Harris on Inflation Reduction Act Home Rebates Announcement
Health is compromised by global fossil fuel addiction
U.S.-UAE Partnership to Accelerate Transition to Clean Energy
Australia’s finance system must develop climate skills to deliver transition
United States and Japan Announce WECAN – Winning Edge Through Cooperation
Mining delivers budget lift
Budget boost for Northern Australia and critical minerals
Scanning Eurasian horizon for new CO2 offsetting opportunities
National Environment Ministers Meeting missed opportunity to align nationally on single-use plastics
Cutting-edge heat pumps cut energy use at Council pools
Farm floods will hit food supplies and drive up prices
Accolades spotlight shines on Sandia Labs
Canada announces funding for construction of Métis National Heritage Centre in Winnipeg
MP Tim Louis Announces Federal Funding for Tree Planting in Wilmot, Ontario
Tree-Planting Drones to Revitalize Reforestation Efforts in Areas Affected by Wildfires
MP McLeod Announces Federal Support for Remote Indigenous Energy Advisors in NWT
Chinas Transition to Low-Carbon Economy and Climate Resilience Needs Shifts in Resources and Technologies
This new, more sustainable method for recycling lithium-ion batteries could help meet electric vehicle demand
Engineering faculty awarded $10.7M in federal energy grants
To help meet global EV demand, researchers develop sustainable method of recycling older lithium-ion batteries
Grant Recipients Named To Support Zero Emissions Vehicle Uptake
Member States elect ITU’s next Deputy Secretary-General
Work underway on Bradfield City Centre
University helps to show how residents and businesses can achieve net-zero
After Voice, climate change commitments should be next urgent constitutional reforms
Canada Contributes $1.3 Million to Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology to Advance Renewable Energy Projects
UN-led coalition to release targets to cut carbon from public construction projects
$46 million to revolutionise household food and garden waste
Allens advises ARENA on Australian-first renewable hydrogen plant
We may be underestimating just how bad carbon-belching SUVs are for climate – and for our health
Remarks by Vice President Harris at Inflation Reduction Act Climate Event