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Scientists discover anti-inflammatory molecules that decline in aging brain
New strategy shows potential to block nerve loss in neurodegenerative diseases
Pressure chamber therapy has been found to be effective in functional improvement of autism
Scientists identify neuroprotective action of metoprolol after stroke
Two birds one stone strategy to treat both joint pain and cognitive impairment in rheumatoid arthritis
With fractured genomes, Alzheimer’s neurons call for help
At Rutgers, Rapid Covid Test Was Just Beginning
Exposure to air pollution may worsen autism-related hospital admissions in children
Exposure to air pollution may worsen autism-related hospital admissions in kids
Zebradanio helped study mechanics of brain injuries and their treatment
‘Jumping’ genes yield new clues to origins of neurodegenerative disease
How brain’s housekeeper malfunctions during bacterial meningitis
First of Its Kind Blood Test for Immunocompromised Patients
Viral role in Alzheimer’s Disease discovered
Nine new commissioners appointed to Commission on Human Medicines
New research provides insight into Long COVID and ME
Researchers identify cells causing neuronal death in mitochondrial disease animal model
In Krabbe disease, neurons may bring about their own destruction
Small NIH study reveals how immune response triggered by Covid may damage brain
Small NIH study finds how immune response triggered by Covid may damage brain
When ASD occurs with intellectual disability, convergent mechanism for two top-ranking risk genes may be cause
Treponema denticola found to induce Alzheimer-like tau hyperphosphorylation
Inhaled toxic particles take direct route from lungs to brain – study
Repurposing cancer drug to treat neuroinflammation
JNM supplement examines opportunities for molecular imaging of neurodegeneration
Magnetic resonance imaging reveals brain inflammation in vivo for first time
Harnessing immune system to treat traumatic brain injury
Choroid plexus volume linked to Alzheimer’s
New treatment reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis mice models
Single-cell DNA sequencing offers new angle on causes of Alzheimer’s
Promising avenue to prevent mental illness following transient infection
Blood biomarker predicts dementia risk in Mexican Americans
Study of skin biopsies offers potential as new diagnostic marker for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Research suggests interrupting immune response improves multiple sclerosis outcomes
Research reveals that intranasal Rx halts memory decay in experimental Alzheimer’s model
Could Viruses, Olfactory ‘Railroad Track’ Unlock Alzheimer’s Puzzle?
Researcher to lead $16M grant to explore potential cause, treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
University of Southern California endocrinologist takes Alzheimer’s disease research in new directions
Plant product shows promise in mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease
Pandemic-related stressors may lead to brain inflammation in people not infected with SARS-CoV-2
Bacteria in nose may increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease – study
Researchers highlight Covid neurological symptoms and need for rigorous studies
*Free* Nervous system consequences of Covid
Brain immune cells sense low dose radiation
Blood from marathoner mice boosts brain function in their couch-potato counterparts
Immune cells may trigger inflammation in MS
Novel immune cell population may trigger inflammation in multiple sclerosis and other brain disorders
Georgia State researchers reveal surprising findings on how salt affects blood flow in brain