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Choroid plexus volume linked to Alzheimer’s
New treatment reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis mice models
Single-cell DNA sequencing offers new angle on causes of Alzheimer’s
Promising avenue to prevent mental illness following transient infection
Blood biomarker predicts dementia risk in Mexican Americans
Study of skin biopsies offers potential as new diagnostic marker for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Research suggests interrupting immune response improves multiple sclerosis outcomes
Research reveals that intranasal Rx halts memory decay in experimental Alzheimer’s model
Could Viruses, Olfactory ‘Railroad Track’ Unlock Alzheimer’s Puzzle?
Researcher to lead $16M grant to explore potential cause, treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
University of Southern California endocrinologist takes Alzheimer’s disease research in new directions
Plant product shows promise in mouse model of Parkinson’s Disease
Pandemic-related stressors may lead to brain inflammation in people not infected with SARS-CoV-2
Bacteria in nose may increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease – study
Researchers highlight Covid neurological symptoms and need for rigorous studies
*Free* Nervous system consequences of Covid
Brain immune cells sense low dose radiation
Blood from marathoner mice boosts brain function in their couch-potato counterparts
Immune cells may trigger inflammation in MS
Novel immune cell population may trigger inflammation in multiple sclerosis and other brain disorders
Georgia State researchers reveal surprising findings on how salt affects blood flow in brain
Repurposed cancer treatments could be potential Alzheimer’s drugs
UVA Awards $19M in STEM Funding to 4 Key Research Projects
Scientists investigate role of gene linked to Alzheimer’s in brain’s immune cells
Fighting multiple sclerosis with cold
Study links Neuroinflammation protein to worse survival in men with glioblastoma
Accumulated DNA damage linked to neurodegeneration in rare pediatric disorder
How highly processed foods harm memory in aging brain
Identifying keys to preventing cerebral palsy in premature babies
Alzheimer’s and Covid share genetic risk factor
Novel small molecule potently attenuates neuroinflammation in brain and glial cells
Diabetes Medications Linked to Glaucoma Prevention
New way to count micronuclei in cells
Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Show Robust T-Cell Responses to mRNA Covid Vaccines
NIH scientists build cellular blueprint of multiple sclerosis lesions
Scientists build cellular blueprint of multiple sclerosis lesions
Hormone irisin found to confer benefits of exercise on cognitive function
Research reveals unleashing Treg cells may lead to treatments for multiple sclerosis
New genetic knowledge about cluster headache
Success for Adelaide-led medical research
LSL60101 compound reduces neuroinflammation and improves cognition in animal models with Alzheimer’s
Researcher receives NIH grant for Alzheimer’s study
Researchers find signs of inflammation in brains of people who died of COVID-19
Researchers identify a protein involved in memory loss and inflammation associated with alzheimer
COVID-19 can cause severe inflammation in brain
Study identifies how COVID-19 linked to Alzheimer’s disease-like cognitive impairment
Academy of Medical Sciences announces election of new Fellows 2021
Controlling cholesterol in microglia alleviates chronic pain, opioid-free