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Bumblebee disease, reproduction shaped by flowering strip plants
CRISPR Plants: New Non-GMO Method to Edit Plants
Study Suggests a Polymer Composite Could Serve as Lighter, Non-Toxic Radiation Shielding
$2.66 Million Grant To Support New Risk Analysis System for Renewable Energy Market
Inspired By Cheetahs, Researchers Build Fastest Soft Robots Yet
‘Breathable’ Electronics Pave Way for More Functional Wearable Tech
Honey bees could help monitor fertility loss in insects due to climate change
Early High School Start Times Adversely Affect Attendance
Catalyst Opens Door To More Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Ethylene Production
New Macrolactone Database Could Aid Drug Discovery, Research
High-Throughput Method Speeds Discovery of Improved Vectors For Gene Delivery To Diverse Brain Cell Types
Interventions Boost Abstinence, Condom Use for Black Teens
An Electron Microscope at Home Makes for an Exciting Science Education Broadcast
Research Helps Volunteers Do Most Good After a Disaster
Open Source or Closed? For Tech, It Really Doesn’t Matter
Securely Studying Salmonella to Advance Produce Safety
Better Predicting Unpredictable Byproducts of Genetic Modification
Off-the-Shelf Artificial Cardiac Patch Repairs Heart Attack Damage in Rats, Pigs
‘Fake News’ Increases Consumer Demands for Corporate Action
Common Protein in Skin Can ‘Turn On’ Allergic Itch
Talking About How We Talk About Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
How Can We Handle Stress and Stay Positive During a Pandemic?
A Primer On and Conversation About Biology and Evolution of SARS-CoV-2, Virus That Causes Covid-19
Drug Used to Treat Liver Disease Also Affects C. diff Life Cycle, Reduces Inflammation
Researchers Develop Faster Way to Replace Bad Data With Accurate Information
Pool Fire Testing Moves Composite Metal Foams Closer To Widespread Applications
Laboratory researchers describe how antineutrino detectors could aid in nuclear nonproliferation efforts
NC State Receives $7.4 Million from NIEHS to Study PFAS Toxicity, Bioaccumulation and Remediation
New Tool Aims to Assist Military Logistics in Evacuating Noncombatants
Cat Food Mystery Foils Diet Study
Inhalation Therapy Shows Promise Against Pulmonary Fibrosis in Mice, Rats
Study: Corporate Tax Incentives Do More Harm Than Good to States
Researchers Show What Drives a Novel, Ordered Assembly of Alternating Peptides
Green Approach Accelerates Process Optimization and Retrieval of ‘Switchable’ Solvents
Researchers Develop Smaller, Lighter Radiation Shielding
Financial Pressure Makes CFOs Less Likely to Blow Whistle on Potential Fraud
Model Shows Users How to Make On-Farm Sustainable Energy Projects More Profitable
Next Generation of Greenhouses May Be Fully Solar Powered
Design Approach May Help Fix Bias in Artificial Intelligence
Prescribed Burns Benefit Bees
Study Finds Flooding Damage to Levees is Cumulative – and Often Invisible
How Do You Count Fish in a Creek?
Study: Columbus’ Caribbean ‘Cannibal’ Claims Were Correct
Re-Defining “Fairness” Could Improve K-12 School Assignment Outcomes
Research Offers New Way to Assess an Organization’s Public Relations
Study: Human Management Helps Rare Plants, Butterflies Survive Hurricane
Researchers Make Robots From Self-Folding Kirigami Materials
Psychology Researchers Call For Changes to Better Address Racial Health Disparities