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Study Finds Flooding Damage to Levees is Cumulative – and Often Invisible
How Do You Count Fish in a Creek?
Study: Columbus’ Caribbean ‘Cannibal’ Claims Were Correct
Re-Defining “Fairness” Could Improve K-12 School Assignment Outcomes
Research Offers New Way to Assess an Organization’s Public Relations
Study: Human Management Helps Rare Plants, Butterflies Survive Hurricane
Researchers Make Robots From Self-Folding Kirigami Materials
Psychology Researchers Call For Changes to Better Address Racial Health Disparities
Mercury’s Volcanic Activity – or Lack of it – Could Help Us Find Other Earth-like Worlds
Citizen Scientists Help Solve Ant Enigma
Food Fights: How History Shapes What We Eat – And Why
Virtual Reality Would Make Attending Therapy Easier For Stroke Survivors
Turning Fat and Sewage Into Natural Gas
Making Multi-Player Gaming an Educational Experience
New Genetic Engineering Toolset Produces Better-Modified Plants Faster, Easier
Flame-Retardant Exposure Increases Anxiety, Affects Social Behaviors in Prairie Vole
Study Finds Companies May Be Wise to Share Cybersecurity Efforts
Browser Tool Aims To Help Researchers ID Malicious Websites, Code
Updating a Law That Shapes Your Tech
New Framework Makes AI Systems More Transparent Without Sacrificing Performance
Composite Metal Foam Outperforms Aluminum for Use in Aircraft Wings
To Build a Better Semiconductor, First Identify Its Defects
Another Casualty of Climate Change? Recreational Fishing
Predators and Hidey-Holes Are Good for Reef Fish Populations
Just Add Water: Simple Step Boosts Polymer’s Ability to Filter CO2 From Mixed Gases
Inflammation Amps Up Neurite Growth, Gene Expression Involved in Heat, Cold Sensitivity
Novel Approach to Ultrasound Raises Possibility of New Medical Applications
‘Soft Tactile Logic’ Tech Distributes Decision-Making Throughout Stretchable Material
Study Sheds Light on How Justice System Can Affect Physical, Mental Health
New $27 Million Grant to Focus on Future of Biomanufacturing
North Carolina Students to Speak with NASA Astronaut on Space Station
Using Wi-Fi Like Sonar to Measure Speed and Distance of Indoor Movement
Researchers Forecast Failure in Disordered Materials
Technique Uses Magnets, Light to Control and Reconfigure Soft Robots
Shared E-Scooters Aren’t Always as Green as Other Transport Options
Self-Sterilizing Polymer Proves Effective Against Drug-Resistant Pathogens
An Open Modeling Approach to Support Energy and Climate Policy
Interventions Aimed At Parents And Kids Boost Safe Sex Practices
Using Virtual Reality to Create New Tech for First Responders
QUT part of US$10.7M global project to develop a human chlamydia vaccine
North Carolina tropical cyclone-driven coastal flooding is worsening with climate change, population growth
From Lab and Greenhouse to Farmers’ Fields
When You Spot One Driving Hazard, You May Be Missing Another
A New Way to Help Stop Insect Pests in Their Tracks
Secrets of a sex changing fish revealed
Using Building Materials to Monitor For High Enriched Uranium
Destination: Madagascar, Living Laboratory
Tracing roots: Mapping a vegetable family tree for better food