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Hot cocoa aids walking in peripheral artery disease
No coronavirus transmission in womb, study suggests
Immune cells consult with neighbors to make decisions
Paternal involvement might improve health of mom, infant
‘No clear rationale’ for 45% of Medicaid patients’ antibiotic prescriptions
Meat isn’t good for you
Stressed-out dust is sharing antibiotic resistance genes
Racial discrimination in mortgage market persistent over last four decades
Scientists identify gene that puts brakes on tissue growth
Physics shows that imperfections make perfect
‘Rock Star of Research’ Teresa K. Woodruff speaks at Congressional Briefing
New neutron detector can fit in your pocket
Knee replacement timing is all wrong for most
Nanomaterial fabric destroys nerve agents in battlefield-relevant conditions
Entering labor market in a recession increases mortality, Northwestern research suggests
Chromatin organizes itself into 3D ‘forests’ in single cells
Zinc, folic acid supplements fail to enhance male fertility
Disorderly DNA helps cancer cells evade treatment
Cosmic ‘candy cane’ spotted in inner Milky Way
Ultrasound blasts potent glioblastoma drug into brain tumor
Earth was stressed before dinosaur extinction
Play sports for a healthier brain
How gene mutation causes autism and intellectual disability
Percentage of African ancestry affects gene expression
‘Epidermal VR’ gives technology a human touch
Researchers examine news sourcing and gender imbalance in Argentine digital media
‘Are we alone?’ Study refines which exoplanets are potentially habitable
Buffett Institute for Global Affairs launches ‘Idea Incubation Workshop’ on global research
Self-cannibalizing mitochondria may set stage for ALS development
Study provides strong framework for 1 billion years of green plant evolution
Northwestern to convene international scholars on archiving black arts
65 ways to end HIV epidemic
Watching materials crystallize
Pre-programmed microfluidic systems offer new control capabilities
Turning plastic trash into treasure
New treatment may reverse celiac disease
Highest-throughput 3D printer is future of manufacturing
Have a vexing problem? Sleep on it
Scholars to examine life and work of James Cone, founder of black theology
Bioelectronic implant could prevent opioid deaths
New research furthers understanding about what shapes human gut microbiome
Accurate lymphoma prognosis from a simple blood test
New tool provides critical information for addressing global water crisis
Catching evolution in act
Tiny, biocompatible nanolaser could function inside living tissues
New center aims to improve pursuit of scientific discovery through advanced analytics, artificial intelligence
Women grossly underrepresented in music industry
Gem-like nanoparticles of precious metals shine as catalysts