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Scientists watch a black hole shredding a star
T. rex used a stiff skull to eat its prey
How seniors perceive oral health may make all difference whether they will seek treatment, according to study
New Collaborative Hazard and Disaster Research Network Aims to Advance Innovation
Cheaper Drug Just As Effective Protecting Heart in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Modi of India at “Howdy, Modi: Shared Dreams, Bright Futures” Event
A new way to turn heat into energy
Digging deeper into liquid crystals
Exploring future of coal power in water scarce Asia
Millions march for climate, Morrison opens box factory
Water may be scarce for new power plants in Asia
Gigantic asteroid collision boosted biodiversity on Earth
Preparing practitioners for frontlines of opioid crisis
Researchers find way to study proteins moving (relatively) slowly
One way childhood trauma leads to poorer health for women
New research: Spend more on transitional housing and teens in foster care are less likely to be homeless, jailed
Eating cheese may offset blood vessel damage from salt
Statement from White House Press Secretary Announcing President Trump’s Upcoming Travel to Texas and Ohio
Statement – Visit to United States of America
Distractions distort what’s real, study suggests
What’s preventing next world war? Random luck
Saving Tasmanian devil: crowdfunded mission raises new hope
Halting spread of HIV in Midwest is aim of new network
Genetic Mutation Linked to Flu-related Heart Complications in Mice
Seventeen Nominations and Two Withdrawals Sent to Senate
Good at math? It means little if you’re not confident
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at Presentation of Medals of Valor and Heroic Commendations
OCCRL hosts conference on racial justice, equitable outcomes in higher education
When scientists face an angry community
Suicide rates climbing, especially in rural America
Ohio State Study Finds Suicide Rates Climbing, Especially In Rural America
U.S. President Trump Has Dedicated His Administration to Fighting Back Against Opioid Crisis
Good grades aren’t everything in sex ed
Study: no link between “extreme” personal grooming, STDs
Texas Boosts U.S. Science with Fastest Academic Supercomputer in World
Creating batteries that could help power air travel
‘Google of microbes’ could provide digital data from bacteria to solve world problems
Much fridge food ‘goes there to die’
Kids wore video cameras in their preschool class, for science
Pneuma Respiratory, Inc. Announces New Chairman of Board
Promising Gene Replacement Therapy Moves Forward At Ohio State
Low grip strength linked to impaired cognition, memory loss in older Americans
Mosquitoes push northern limits with time-capsule eggs to survive winters
NASA Administrator, Members of Congress to Discuss Ohio’s Role in Artemis Program
Researchers gaining a better understanding of perpetrators of intimate partner violence
University’s Dexter Voisin takes a deep dive into issues that drive neighbourhood violence
Shift to renewable electricity a win-win at statewide level
$4.25 Million Grants Fund Research On Vaccine For Tropical Disease Affecting U.S