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U.S. News Names Brigham and Women’s Hospital One of Nation’s Best Hospitals
Nerve fibre loss and rise in key immune cells on eye surface may signal ‘long COVID’
UCLA Health hospitals rank No. 1 in L.A. and state, No. 3 in nation
UCSF Medical Center Ranks 1st Nationwide in Neuro, Among Top 10 Hospitals for 2021-22
Gene Therapy May Preserve Vision in Retinal Disease and Serious Retinal Injury
CERA launches Australia-first eye care nurse survey
Eyes wide shut: How newborn mammals dream world they’re entering
How newborn mammals dream world they’re entering
Scientists discover gene therapy provides neuroprotection to prevent glaucoma vision loss
Discussion on melanoma set for July 27
Preventing eye fatigue on long road trips
CHOP and COG Will Validate New Tool to Measure NF1-Related Progressive Vision Loss
Dr. Koch receives $10 million gift to support innovative research
Dr. Koch receive $10 million gift to support innovative research
$6.3 million for ground-breaking stem cell research projects
AMA members recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours list
Newly-Approved Alzheimer’s Drug Spurs Hope and Controversy
IU among top 100 worldwide universities granted U.S. patents
‘Gold standard’ vision arrives in Noosa
Five VP&S Teams Awarded Vagelos Precision Medicine Grants
Steven Rosenberg Returns to Columbia as Director of Pediatric Ophthalmology
Touchless technology could enable early detection and treatment of eye diseases that cause blindness
Smartphone camera can illuminate bacteria causing acne, dental plaques
AI could soon tell you, how often to see eye doctor
International coalition classifies 25 subtypes of uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease
High caffeine consumption may be associated with increased risk of blinding eye disease
“Electronic Nose” Accurately Sniffs Out Hard-to-Detect Cancers
Ophthalmology Times: Investigators receive grant to develop alternative to treat eye disease
More work still needed to recruit, retain OB/GYN residents that reflect diverse patient population they serve
Case Western Reserve-led research team aims to determine which diabetic individuals can successfully donate corneas for transplant
Children’s Tumor Foundation announces revised diagnostic criteria for NF1
New research may revolutionise cataract treatment
Edmonton-based startup’s innovative technology could treat retinal diseases that affect millions worldwide
Eyes Offer a Window into Alzheimer’s Disease
‘Shifts are already hard to fill’: Ballarat nurses to stop work
Mount Sinai Ophthalmologists Develop New Technique to Assess Progression of Sickle Cell Retinopathy
VR program shows people what vision loss from diabetes looks like
Nanoscope presents novel gene delivery and electrophysiology platforms at ARVO
Cryptic sense of orientation of bats localised – sixth sense of mammals lies in eye
Applying UV light to common disinfectants makes them safer to use
Yes, ADHD could explain some of Andrew Laming’s behaviour
Genomics: a health investment trend in 2021
Minimally invasive retinal reattachment procedure leads to superior photoreceptor integrity
Micro-molded ‘ice cube tray’ scaffold is next step in returning sight to injured retinas
Outpatient services for 21st century open at Modbury Hospital
Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Initial Trial for Patients with Childhood Blindness
Simplified treatment for a cause of sight loss offers eye-opening savings for hospitals
CUIMC Employees Share Their Vaccination Stories in Statewide Education Campaign