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Carbon-loving materials designed to reduce industrial emissions
West Virginia researchers use neutrons to study materials for power plant improvements
Ada Sedova: Building a supercomputing platform for biological discovery
Computing collaboration reveals global ripple effect of shifting monsoons
Process for ‘two-faced’ nanomaterials may aid energy, information tech
X-rays size up protein structure at ‘heart’ of COVID-19 virus
Simple process for ‘two-faced’ nanomaterials may aid energy, information tech
Yanwen Zhang: Finding big picture for radiation-resistant materials
ExOne licenses ORNL method to 3D print components for refined neutron scattering
ORNL launches rapid access licensing program to speed up COVID-19 solutions
COVID-19 forces ORNL researchers to take STEM education online
Bruce Wilson elevated to senior member of ACM
Molten salt solutions may supply scientists with new insights into nuclear energy
History of insightful HIV research inspires neutron scattering approach to studying COVID-19
Prakash invited to represent US on global scientific data committee
Crystalline ‘nanobrush’ clears way to advanced energy and information tech
MPEX promises a versatile tool for fusion reactor materials development
VENUS construction on track for ORNL’s newest neutron imaging instrument
Ecology – Thinning forests
UWindsor researcher studies link between vaping and COVID-19 complications
ORNL spectrometry research advances race toward safer rechargeable batteries
Bearden senior Christiane Alvarez receives UT-Battelle Scholarship
As ORNL builds novel reactor, nuclear industry benefits from technology
Batteries – 3D connection
Computing – Mining for COVID-19 connections
ORNL, LANL-developed quantum technologies go distance
3D-printed nuclear reactor promises faster, more economical path to nuclear energy
ORNL researchers make learning fun in a digital ‘new world’
GIS – LandScan goes public
Advanced manufacturing innovation helps industry in COVID-19 fight
ORNL delivers advanced manufacturing innovation and enables industry to meet COVID-19 healthcare demands
Powerful new magnet provides fresh insight into “frozen” quantum materials
Verity Salmon: Investigating carbon cycles at top of world
ORNL’s Suman Debnath elevated to Senior Member of IEEE
Major upgrades of particle detectors and electronics prepare CERN nuclear physics experiment to stream a tsunami
ORNL offers rapid access to neutron sources for COVID-19 research
Advanced software framework expedites quantum-classical programming
Successful delivery: ORNL demonstrates bi-directional wireless charging on hybrid UPS truck
Mitch Allmond: Shaping a better fundamental understanding of matter
ORNL is in fight against COVID-19
Oak Ridge neutron facilities ramping up research to combat COVID-19
New Handle for Controlling Electromagnetic Properties Could Enable Spintronic Computing
Big science, tiny snail
Materials – Molding molecular matter
ORNL scientists tap into AI to put a new spin on neutron experiments
Research shows evidence of broken time-reversal symmetry in superconducting UPt3
VERA nuclear reactor simulation software licensed commercially for first time
Fish Researchers use 3D printing, sensors to create models for hydropower testing