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Emma Betters: Advancing machining and revitalizing industry
Discovery may lead to safer, more practical natural gas storage
Additively manufactured components by ORNL headed for TVA nuclear reactor
Greene wins APS’s Bonner Prize for Nuclear Physics
Nuclear – Slowing corrosion
Census – Remote population counting
Blocking vibrations that remove heat could boost efficiency of next-gen solar cells
Soteria Battery Innovation Group Signs Exclusive License and Option for a Battery Safety Technology by ORNL
ORNL’s support of military reservists recognized with Pro Patria award
State committee recognizes ORNL’s support of military reservists with Pro Patria award
ORNL scientists help GE develop a unique ‘magnetic motor’
Neutrons reveal behavior of cholesterol in membranes
Scientists achieve higher precision weak force measurement between protons, neutrons
Novel cell membrane model could be key to uncovering new protein properties
New composite material revs up pursuit of advanced electric vehicles
ORNL’s neutron facilities offer remote access experiment opportunities
Prometheus Fuels licenses energy-saving ORNL ethanol-to-jet-fuel process
First fiber-optic nanotip electron gun enables easier nanoscale research
‘Floppy’ Atomic Dynamics Help Turn Heat into Electricity
UT, ORNL Researchers Make Breakthrough in Understanding Atomic-Scale Nature of Disordered Materials
Quantum light squeezes noise out of microscopy signals
Neutrons probe biological materials for insights into COVID-19 virus infection
New anode material could lead to safer fast-charging batteries
Nanomaterials – Short polymers, big impact
Tungsten isotope helps study how to armor future fusion reactors
Sulfur-scavenging bacteria could be key to making common component in plastic
ORNL, partners receive $115 million to establish Quantum Science Center
Faster, more efficient energy storage could stem from holistic study of layered materials
Scientists create protein models to explore toxic methylmercury formation
Spotlight on Innovation: Molten Salt Reactors for a Sustainable Clean Energy Transition
Novel 3D-printed device demonstrates enhanced capture of carbon dioxide emissions
Proposal Call 2021-A
AI software enables real-time 3D printing quality assessment
CASL wraps up 10 years of solving nuclear problems – and hands toolbox to industry
Unique imaging capabilities yield new knowledge, growth for bioeconomy
Horizon31 startup licenses ORNL global communication system for drones
Poison control: Chasing antidote
Organophosphate Poisoning Animation Package
ORNL volunteers bring research perspectives to summer STEM program
Ecosystem – At root
Magnum Venus Products licenses ORNL co-developed additive manufacturing technologies
Oak Ridge researcher traces ties to Manhattan Project and incredible story of USS Indianapolis
ORNL-produced plutonium-238 to help power Perseverance on Mars
First results of an upgraded experiment highlight value of lithium for creation of fusion energy
Computational gene study suggests new pathway for COVID-19 inflammatory response
Scientists record rapid carbon loss from warming peatlands
Investigators seek material evidence to arrest COVID-19 inflammation
Love-hate relationship of solvent and water leads to better biomass breakup 18 July