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Women at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Who Changed History
Magnetism Creates Unusual Electronic Order in Quantum Material
Quantum Material Showing Unusual Electronic Order Due to Magnetism
UKAEA joins forces with ORNL for research collaboration
New Camera Sees Through Atom Disorder at 1 Trillionth of Second
Oak Ridge Lab: Neutron Study Shows Spider Lily Kills Cancer Cells, Spares Healthy
Oak Ridge Lab Hits Record 1.55 MW Power for Science
Neutrons Uncover Key to Extraordinary Heat Flow
Oak Ridge Lab Offers Story Ideas for Feb 2023
New Device Improves Home Furnace Efficiency
Lithium-Ion Batteries Get Performance Boost From ‘Defects’
John Galambos: 40 years of charting new courses in technology
Oak Ridge Lab Offers Story Ideas for 2023
Steve Nagler: Neutron Scattering Pioneer at ORNL
HPC4EI Project to Create ‘Digital Twin’ Models for Aerospace Industry
UT Knoxville Unveils Biomembrane Research Program
Say hello to toughest material on Earth
VULCAN forges new science for future of 3D-printed metal
Genetic markers for autism, hiding in plain sight
Biofuel on road to energy, cost savings
Recyclable composites help drive net-zero goal
Nanoreactor grows hydrogen-storage crystals
Oak Ridge, Argonne national laboratories collaborate with Wabtec on hydrogen-powered trains to decarbonize rail industry
Philipe Ambrozio Dias – Shedding lights on human migration under changing climate
ORNL to receive $497 million in Inflation Reduction Act funding
Deep learning underlies critical geographic dataset used in hurricane response
Denise Antunes da Silva: Unraveling concrete’s secrets to decarbonize building materials
3D scanning vibrometer is master of measurements
Energy Secretary breaks ground on new isotope facility at ORNL
‘Nanoreactor’ grows hydrogen-storage crystals
Racing company licenses innovative ORNL fast-charging battery technologies
Deep learning makes X-ray CT inspection of 3D-printed parts faster, more accurate
Bringing custom microbes to business of recycling plastic
Deep learning makes X-ray CT inspection of 3D printed parts faster, more accurate
New measurements quantifying qudits provide glimpse of quantum future
New measurements qualifying qudits provide glimpse of quantum future
Quantifying qudits: New measurements provide glimpse of quantum future
Existing water infrastructure may hold key to generating more hydropower
Reducing molten salt’s corrosive effect. VERIFI-ing and tracking carbon’s big footprint. Moss genome study finds two new species
Tomás Rush: Decoding secret language of plants and fungi
Earth System Grid Federation launches effort to upgrade climate projection data system
VERIFI-ing and tracking carbon’s big footprint
Reducing molten salt’s corrosive effect
GeoAI researchers collaborate on annual SpaceNet 8 challenge
Scientists develop tech to manage two-way power flow to commercial buildings
Taking it to streets: ORNL models climate solutions for U.S. cities
Advanced energy entrepreneurs pitch innovations during showcase
Gang Seob “GS” Jung: Solving scientific puzzles using computational models