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Housing Register just keeps getting longer
Enterprise Bargaining agreement recognises vital role of Queensland Police
MP wage increases should match other New Zealanders: Green Party
CPSU/CSA accept Government’s State wages policy
Facts about Australia’s enterprise bargaining system
Wage crisis continues under Morrison
Wage crisis continues under Morrison
RBA blows whistle on Government’s wage suppression
Government must act: Union
PPA welcomes PSA support for increased remuneration
Australian PMI: Manufacturing edges higher again in July
Union members earn more in era of low wage growth
Minister for denying payrises: Union
Lost decade: Disposable income lower in 2017 than in 2009
State Service employees set to receive overdue pay rise
Lowest paid in military receive bumper pay rise
School teachers’ pay to rise by 2.75%
Almost a million public sector workers handed a second year of inflation-busting pay rises
Pay rise for prison officers 2019 statement by Robert Buckland
Pay rise announced for thousands working in medicine
Unemployment rises to 5.2%
Slap on wrist for George Calombaris won’t end wage theft in hospitality industry
NTEU Ban on Monash University’s Open Day
Teacher settlement pay delays unacceptable
Working people not to blame for no pay increases, inadequate workers’ rights are
Inequality continues to rise as wealthy households seize more wealth
Our teachers are overdue a pay rise
Wage crisis drives consumer confidence to two-year low
Government action could deliver wage and super increases
One million paying full-time bills with part-time pay
AEU bosses recommend teachers not write remarks on student report cards
Nurses to receive well-deserved pay rise
Tax cut does not make up penalty rate pay cut IMPOSED from today
More rate cuts won’t fix pay crisis
Majority of schools to stay open despite Monday’s strike
Government calls on AEU to ‘put children first’ and postpone strike until school holidays
Union bosses’ full-day school strike designed to cause maximum chaos for parents, students
Union chaos means public sector workers miss out again
Time for unions to re-engage in good faith negotiations
RBA Governor concerned about underemployment and low wage growth, warns cutting rates won’t be enough
Petulant stunts preventing pay rises for public servants
RBA raises concerns about high levels of underemployment
Government offers 2.35% p.a. pay rise for state’s teachers and an extra $13 million for more than 200 highly accomplished…
Pay rise for public servants
State Government puts forward responsible offer to WA Police Union
Politicians pay rises almost double WPI for last decade
More needed for Disability Support to address years of underfunding
Morrison’s wage crisis slows GDP