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Autism Linked to Low Rates of Vision Screening, Risk of Eye Disorders High
What Happens When Kid Eats Cannabis Edible
Oxygen Readings May Be Affected by Darker Skin Tones
Food FARMacia Connects Kids with Healthy Food, Reduces Obesity
Baylor Med Students Strike Gold on Match Day ’23
NICU Families Receive Social Risk Screening, Referrals for Unmet Needs
Rise in Anorexia Distress with More Calories?
Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in Youth: No Meds Needed
Maintain your sleep hygiene
Review of LA Growth Hormone Therapy for Kids: Past & Present
Autism in Children Linked to Cardiometabolic Diseases: Meta-Analysis
Highly Effective Treatment for Functional Neurological Disorder in Children
No Independent Play Causes Childrens Declining Mental Health’
BGI Reports Rare Skin Mutation Gene by Exome Sequencing
Fatal Opioid Poisonings in Children Doubled in 13 Years
Rate of Fatal Opioid Poisonings Among Children Doubled in 13 Years
Springing forward and spring break
Autism-risk kids struggle with audio-visual mismatch
Preteens’ Problematic Social Media Use Linked to Positive Alcohol Beliefs
Research backs genetic testing for cerebral palsy
$2.3M Grant Awarded to Improve Rotator Cuff Injury Research
Babies Dying from Intestinal Disease Amid Slowing Improvements, Disparities Remain
High-Flow Nasal Cannula Linked to Longer Stays, Higher Costs
ASMBS Backs Clinical Guidance for Obesity Treatment in Kids/Teens
Are your child’s headphones causing permanent damage?
Autists Process Illusory Shapes Differently: Study
Stress Gene Disrupted in Kids After Abuse vs. Accident
Pediatricians’ Interactions with Infant Formula Companies
Comparing Sound Exposure in Fetuses and Premature Infants
CSL’s Garadacimab Trial Yields Positive Results
Nerve Cells, Immune Cells Linked to Allergic Asthma Development
Sicker Kids, Better Outcomes in Pediatric Heart Transplants
Terminal Sterilization Achieved for Oligonucleotide Drugs
Emory ranks among top recipients of federal research funding
Researchers Develop Effective Model for Leigh Syndrome Caused by Genetics
Precocious Puberty and Why it Matters
Multidisciplinary Care Helps Families with Limited English Proficiency
Baylor receives more than $5.8 million in CPRIT funding
Penn Medicine Honors Two CHOP Physicians with Awards of Excellence
Teenage Patient Gives Back to Columbia Clinic
Brain’s Immune System Worsens Epilepsy
Nearly Half of Medicaid Kids Miss Mental Health Outpatient Care
Brain Fluid Flow Disruptions Linked to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
High Activity Does Not Prevent Obesity in Preteens With Screen Time
Pediatric Trauma Team Cuts Radiation Exposure in Kids
Pier perfection: Pediatric specialty clinic gets mural makeover
WVU: 1 in 10 Infants Exposed to Drugs In Utero
OHSU Physician-Scientist Pioneers Research into Maternal Sleep Apnea