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Sepsis leading cause of death worldwide
Use of hormone provides no neuroprotection in preemies
Mutations in donors’ stem cells may cause problems for cancer patients
Human ‘screenome’ may give insight into human health and well-being
Researchers propose ‘Human Screenome Project’ to study impacts and promises of digital media
Healthy commercial ads don’t change teens’ desire to eat junk food
Yale-led team finds parents can curb teen drinking and driving
Evenings with Genetics discussion on obesity, genetics
Birds and Bats: Evolving to Fly May Have Had Big Effect on Gut Microbiome
Study reveals breastfeeding could protect babies from malaria
NIH grant could lead to better understanding of how air pollutants aggravate asthma in children
Educational apps can benefit young children, study finds
Obesity in Pregnant Moms Linked to Lag in Their Sons’ Development and IQ
What to know if you’re trying cannabis edibles this holiday season
Link between herpes virus infections, Alzheimer’s refuted
Majority of children needlessly avoid common antibiotics
Asthma severity linked to microbiome of upper airway
Examining secondhand smoke and cardiovascular risks in children
Researchers create accurate model of organ scarring using stem cells in a lab
Ludwig researchers engineer car-t cells to resist exhaustion, attack solid tumors in mice
In transfusions for children, fresh and older blood are equally effective
Why doesn’t deep-brain stimulation work for everyone?
Baylor experts to highlight autism research at symposium
MD Anderson-convened consortium provides first universal recommendations for pediatric patients with sinusoidal obstructive syndrome
DNA testing for siblings of children with autism may predict diagnosis before symptoms appear
Mighty Mice Head to Space on Important Health Mission
Halting opioid abuse aim of several grants from NIH, CDC
Scientists create ‘epigenetic couch potato’ mouse
David Geffen adds $46 million to landmark medical scholarships program
Proton radiotherapy better for pediatric brain cancer patients
Drug-resistant staph can spread easily in household environments
Cellular origins of pediatric brain tumors identified
Videos, ebooks help parents decide when children need to go to ER
Researchers find no ‘magnet effect’ when states extend public health insurance to immigrants
How maternal Zika infection results in newborn microcephaly
How to have an allergy-friendly Thanksgiving
Readout From First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to Boston, MA
Evenings with Genetics discusses autism, genetic testing
Teen vapers choose mint as their favorite e-cigarette flavor
Study reveals how brain injury can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder
Don’t let needle phobia stop you-or your child-from getting flu shot this year
Three UCLA scientists receive grants totaling more than $18 million
Research collaboration focuses on CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder
In wake of mass shootings, a reluctance to talk about gun safety
Study implicates flavored e-cigs in teen vaping epidemic
Bariatric Surgery is Safe for Teens with Morbid Obesity
Factors linked to poor treatment outcomes in ALL
Song aims to reduce maternal deaths in Ethiopia