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New project to study harsh parenting to inform better interventions
First Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Domestic Cats
Molecular control of neurotransmitter linked to autism described
Smart-speaker technology monitors infants’ breathing
First smart speaker system that uses white noise to monitor infants’ breathing
Drug reduces risk of pneumonia in newborn mice
Weak immune system linked to serious bacterial infection in children
Prevent spread of flu virus
Study: Self-Reported Suicide Attempts Rising in Black Teens as Other Groups Decline
Gut Immunity More Developed Before Birth Than Previously Thought
Microbiome research center planned for Medical Campus
β-blockers Build Heart Muscle
Vaccine against RSV could be in sight, researchers say
Tau-mediated RNA splicing errors linked to Alzheimer’s disease
Strengthening Parent-Child Bond in Face of Addiction
Violence has complex, far-reaching impacts on health
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 to William G. Kaelin Jr, Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza
Poor mental and physical health in pregnancy linked to infant sleep problems
Using algorithms to build a map of placenta
Taking Aim at ‘Dark’ Genome to Uncover New Therapies for Disease
Duke Vaccine Institute Plays Integral Role in National Effort to Improve Flu Shots
Helping to End Addiction: Duke Teams Win $24 Million Grant to Combat Opioid Crisis
For young athletes, sport specialization means increased risk of injury
New project to evaluate effects of adoption on older children
Malawi study confirms lasting impact of life-saving technology
Antibody “road block” enables fine-tuning for cardiac recovery, decreases risk of heart failure
Examining state policies governing opioid use and pregnancy
School of Medicine receives award to develop physician-scientists
Prestigious scholarship recognizes medical student’s activism
Research suggests new approach for treating inflammation
Social Support Linked to Less Violence in At-Risk Teen Boys
Male circumcision opposition supported by poor evidence: paper finds
Study improves understanding of pediatric autism screenings
Young transplant recipient gets 3-D models of his damaged heart
Grant funds action against youth e-cigarette usage
Use of antibiotics in preemies has lasting, potentially harmful effects
Tiny capsules packed with gene-editing tools offer alternative to viral delivery of gene therapy
Brain circuit connects feeding, mood in response to stress
Infant Model of HIV Opens New Avenues for Research
New study may help battle against a pathogenic bacterium
Overweight and obesity levels dipping in Alberta preschoolers, but severe obesity unchanged
Pediatric hematologists introduce ‘The Atlanta Protocol’ a novel way to treat pediatric hemophilia A patients
Probiotic Use Can Lead to Major Economic and Health Savings Related to Flu-like Illnesses
E-Cigarette Ads Increase Likelihood of Teen and Young Adult Vaping
Vaccine against deadly superbug Klebsiella effective in mice
Dr. Peggy Goodell named chair of cell biology
Postnatal overnutrition linked to aging
A much less invasive way to monitor pressure in brain