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US beekeepers continue to report high colony loss rates, no clear improvement
Running to music helps combat mental fatigue
Digital News Report Australia 2021: Young people not satisfied with how they are represented in news
WVU research finds ‘excess deaths’ in Amish and Mennonite communities during pandemic
Progress in functional characterization of human olfactory receptors
Partisanship guided Americans’ personal safety decisions early in pandemic, study finds
Poaching affects behavior of endangered capuchin monkeys in Brazilian biological reserve
Major New Building Standard Can Map Out Tornado Threat for First Time
Research suggests mask-wearing can increase struggles with social anxiety
Why yoga is a stretch for men
Operational Plan supports community following impact of COVID-19
UK ‘culture war’ debate: public divide into four groups, not two warring tribes
Australian consumers asked to play key role in reimagining healthcare
Stress during pandemic linked to poor sleep
Tailored optical stimulation for blind
Astronomer Kelsey Johnson Reflects on Science Behind Search for UFOs
New wave of robotic automation
EHRs not meeting challenges of primary care according to new study
URI researchers: New survey method proves Rhode Island’s rarest frog may not be so rare
Consumers will pay more for ready-to-eat meals made with fewer ingredients
Consumers will pay more for ready‑to‑eat meals made with fewer ingredients
Global HIV Prevention Coalition reinforces need for leadership and decisive action
Damning report shows Anglo put production above safety at Grosvenor
Skewed perceptions in climate policy
Why do people support fish species conservation in European rivers?
Technorama at EPFL: a “hands-on” exhibition to discover sciences
Understanding Consciousness
Novel fast-beam-switching transceiver takes 5G to next level
Dancenorth nationally recognised as a major player
Bacteria serves tasty solution to global plastic crisis
Ever been ‘in zone?’ UTA explores how to keep you there
People, Trees, and Power: Learning How to Strike a Balance and Keep Lights On
Talking Points: Role of Computer Voice in Future of Speech-Based Human-Computer Interaction
Drone improves odor management in water treatment plants
Sight through Touch: Secret Is in Hand Movements
Saltwater Freshwater Arts 2021 Comes to Coffs Harbour
Infrared imaging leaves invasive pythons nowhere to hide
Sensing what plants sense: Integrated framework helps scientists explain biology and predict crop performance
Sea snakes show their sensitive side to court potential mates
No-platforming, left-wing bias and talking about controversial issues
Study finds age doesn’t affect perception of ‘speech-to-song illusion’
One in twenty workers are in ‘useless’ jobs – far fewer than previously thought
What Guides Habitual Seeking Behavior Explained
With more two-way dialogue, school board meetings could draw more diverse audiences, study finds
Anyone can get super-hearing
Understanding feelings: When less is more
“Even though we are sex workers, we’re still people”: living harsh reality of sex work in Zimbabwe
Time Flies and So Do Bats