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More Than One Cognition: A Call for Change in Field of Comparative Psychology
Raised water fees to maintain water reserve
Parliament approves veterans question in next Census
Letting robots manipulate cables
Labor’s bid to clean up political donations
Placebo effect ‘could treat pain’
Long-term Sight on Horizon
Restoring Vision Through Electrical Stimulation
Sensation seekers, risk-takers who experience more bitterness apt to drink IPAs
UBCO kindness researcher challenges notion of mean teens
Majority of Chinese-Canadians say they’ve experienced discrimination because of COVID-19: study
Waste in Campaspe survey results are WickED
Scientists Discover a New Connection Between Eyes and Touch
Consumers Prefer Round Numbers Even When Specific Number Is Better News
Mothering in domestic violence: protecting children behind closed doors
Universal musical harmony
EQC grant unites earth and social sciences
Perceptions of qualifications in England
EQC grant unites earth and social sciences
UBCO engineers look at ways to power electric vehicles sustainably
Big differences on economic and social values between MPs and voters, according to new report
A message for Air Force JAG Corps
Study hints at early sign of Alzheimer’s degeneration
Computational model decodes speech by predicting it
Why Australia’s unfair tax system needs an overhaul
Extra UK Government funding for service charities supporting people across Wales
Extra funding for service charities as veterans’ support is stepped up
Australia Council welcomes government’s $250 million creative support package
Psychological research has a racism problem, Stanford scholar says
Consumers can distinguish between bitter tastes in beer — doesn’t alter liking
Why one person’s sweet scent is another’s foul odour
Man jailed for uploading child sexual exploitation publications
From planet Earth to exoplanets: new life research frontiers in astrobiogeology
Smokers good at math are more likely to want to quit
MIT and Toyota release innovative dataset to accelerate autonomous driving research
How Australians use medical cannabis since legislation: new survey
Study sheds light on a classic visual illusion
Hunting in savanna-like landscapes may have poured jet fuel on brain evolution
Unauthorised drivers not deterred by major arterial traffic operation
What moves people?
Wild hummingbirds see a broad range of colors humans can only imagine
What Does “Love Hormone” Do? It’s Complicated
Negative impacts of cannabis use during pregnancy
New study to understand effect of COVID-19 on veterans
Only seven per cent of Bendigo adults eat enough fruit and veg
Stigma towards people who inject drugs and sex workers prevalent according to new study
Astronomical discovery: How novae light up sky
Research powers Facebook’s new AI shopping tool