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Anesthesia doesn’t simply turn off brain, it changes its rhythms
New appointments ‘undermines independence’ of rights oversight body, UN experts warn
UN experts express concerns for independence and integrity of NHRC: Nepal
Building brand consistency around world
Bristol documentary photographer captures some of faces behind COVID-19 research
Researchers solve puzzle of origin and formation of specialized body plan in flatfishes
Can a newborn’s brain discriminate speech sounds?
Powering future of smart cities: Bringing community into equation
U-M biologist eager for arrival of Brood X cicadas, sixth emergence of these noisy 17-year bugs in his lifetime
Using spatial distance strategically with luxury and popular product displays
What Parkinson’s disease patients reveal about how art is experienced and valued
Measuring Ventilation to Quantify COVID-19 Risk
Protecting ozone layer, protecting Earth: making air-conditioning safer
TEMPORAL project helps improving hearing of deaf
New algorithm reveals birdsong features that may be key for courtship
Protecting ozone layer, protecting Earth: Chinese women making air-conditioning safer
Sugary drinks may affect long-term health of children 21 April
Measuring corruption: importance, developments and added value of Anti-Corruption Working Group 2021
Which student emotionally affects teacher?
Our attention is captured by eye-glance
Sugary drinks may affect long-term health of children
Researchers find clues to sex differences in autism
Screen industry secures landmark project
Water crisis took toll on Flint adults’ physical, mental health
‘Study Australia’ and enhancing Australia’s brand internationally
NZ police engages experts to better understand facial recognition technology
See before you smell: New study explains why you should look at your food before casting judgment
Narratives can help science counter misinformation on vaccines
New sea container measures to protect against khapra beetle
Demand for Elephant Ivory in China Drops to Lowest Level Since National Ban
Smoking cannabis significantly impairs vision but many users are unaware of it
Head-Mounted Microscope Captures Brain Activity in Freely Behaving Mice
ADF top brass must resign over sas revelations
Birds’ blood functions as heating system in winter
Bird blood functions as heating system in winter
Guiding homeless youth to a better future for 40 years
Covid vaccines: passports, blood clots and changing trust in government
Pictures of COVID injections can scare pants off people with needle phobias
BBC research partnership to enable future personalised media for everyone
Scientists discover that watermelons grow faster at night
Toyota Launches LS and Mirai Equipped with “Advanced Drive” that Enables Drivers and Cars to Drive Together
Reading fiction can change your life
Statewide roadshow to address regional crime
Australians praise teachers for efforts during COVID-19 lockdowns
Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities statement
New Bionic Pain-perception System for Effective E-Skin Protection
Mimes Help Us ‘See’ Objects That Don’t Exist
A robot that senses hidden objects