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Street homeless people learn to ‘perform’ to obtain life-sustaining resources
New study shows public thinks they are sticking to lockdown rules but others aren’t
Designing customized “brains” for robots
Customers prefer robots to be human-like
Natural hazard events and national risk reduction measures unconnected
Butterfly wing clap explains mystery of flight
Study finds Building a Culture of Trust, Collaboration, and Openness to Innovation through Multi-level School Leadership is Key
A New Archaeology for Anthropocene Era
Bigtincan acquires VoiceVibes to Bring AI-Powered Coaching and Sales Guidance to Life
Sexual harassment claims considered more credible if made by ‘prototypical’ women
Global study of first impressions adds diversity
Drifting, but Not Away: Eye Movements Close Brain-World Loop
Perceptions of racial unfairness drives opposition to federal spending
How to Keep Drones Flying When a Motor Fails
Planets can shrink? UH astronomers find new evidence
Neuroscientists identify brain circuit that encodes timing of events
Some music makes it impossible to stand still
Veterinary pathologist returns to CAHNR as director of Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab
Researchers offer approaches to sustainable expansion of U
Neural Networks Playing Video Games Teach Us About Our Own Brains
Psychonomic Society recognizes Zacks with Mid-career Award
Take 3 for Sea this Summer
A pursuit of better testing to sort out complexities of ADHD
Newly described condition causes loss of vertigo and imbalance in TBI patients
Customer satisfaction of NSW Government climbs despite turbulent 2020
Concern about loved ones might motivate people to mask up, get vaccine
Official Launch of Youth As Researchers: exploring impact of COVID-19
New research project funded at RITMO
NASA Awards Contract for X-59 Community Overflight Operations
How can fathers shape their daughters’ body image?
Clare has ‘perfect’ solution to attract youth to ag
Australian scientists crack cooperative perception tests showing smart cars can now see hidden pedestrians … even through
Pandemic Fears Driving Firearm Purchases
Next frontier in engineering learning – UK’s first university module taught wholly in VR
UW Division of Communication Disorders Researches Speech Sound Issues in Children
Drones for safety inspection of ships pass test
LICs market landscape 2020
Online Learning Trends in Latin America 2020 – report release
Hallucinations induced in lab could be key to better understanding and treatment
Researchers to investigate Quantum Computing for music industry
American child welfare system has lost its way, says Rochester historian
Study finds that by age 3 kids prefer nature’s fractal patterns
Soothing words and music during surgery might reduce postoperative pain
One more clue to brain changes in Huntington’s disease
It is not how long but quality of sleep that determines sleep perception
Attorney General clarifies law on sexual assault
High altitude wine first to certified carbon neutral
Law Council President calls for Parliament to reinstate judges to authorise ASIO questioning powers