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Spiders can sniff out and avoid killer ants, SFU study finds
Managing agricultural biodiversity takes time
EDNA analysis could contribute towards more effective pest control
Pollinating insects can help soybean yields
Creating jobs to keep rare parakeet sweet
Q&A on Pests and Pesticide Management
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Jobs for Nature to boost employment in South
Apply now for a grant to green and cool your neighbourhood
Victorians In Favour Of New Animal Welfare Act
DNA sequencing turns fungal taxonomy upside down
‘Batgirl’ takes on new discoveries in disease ecology, rabies transmission
New method preserves viable fruit fly embryos in liquid nitrogen
Greater protection for sweet chestnut trees in England
1080 delivers success in Rotoehu Forest
$2 million for increased access to Agvet chemicals
Essential oils restore insecticide effectiveness against bed bugs
Beetles that pee themselves to death could be tomorrow’s pest control
Ingenious mechanism for sucrose metabolism in lepidopteran insects
Mosquito borne disease risk
Save time, do it online – Free VPIT training available
Lessons learned from wildlife recovery group’s final report
Pirongia kōkako fledglings taking leap
Rethinking pest management to protect native species
Model study confirms potential of sustainable genetic population control of invasive alien species
Milestone for kōkako as population soars
More funding for feral pest control supports regions
8 March, 8 women, 8 research results
Financial crashes, pandemics, Texas snow: how math could predict black swan events
Autumn wild dog and fox control program
Researcher aims to find out which insects are best at eating pests
Jobs for Nature benefits three projects
Breakthrough in fight against spruce bark beetles
Invasive Flies Prefer Untouched Territory When Laying Eggs
Pureora Forest Park Hunting competition back for 2021
Waitomo-based project protects jobs and nature
Replacing toxic chlorine and bromine
Installing bird nest boxes improves pest control in cider apple crops
Project protects jobs and nature
Chemical attraction – new pheromone-based bed bug lure to help better detect infestations
NSW Crown land gets $51 million funding boost
Bay Cadets learn skills to protect environment
Air New Zealand – a year not so much in air
Supporting communities and landowners to grow employment opportunities
Hiring a pest controller
WUR launches first large-scale research facility for agroforestry in Netherlands in Lelystad
New weapon in war with mozzies
Response to article published by New York Times on UK government procurement