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Northern Territory in Peak Risk Period for Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Ground Beetles: Climate Change Winner or Loser?
Bringing kiwi back to Southern Ruahine
Beetles’ Secret to Staying Hydrated Revealed by Researchers
Beetles’ Hydration Secrets Revealed by Researchers
Urban gardens are good for ecosystems and humans
Spike in pig numbers needs urgent action
Controlling Insects with Radiation: IAEA Guide
New Analysis: Biopesticides Losing Effectiveness Against Insects
UNE researchers nationally recognised for science and innova
Neonicotinoids Need Better Regulation to Avoid Detrimental Effects
UK-Mexico Pact to Cut Deforestation, Boost Farmers’ Livelihoods
Largest ever land acquisition for NSW national park estate
London falcons ate fewer pigeons during lockdowns
Human Activity Impacts Peregrine Falcon Diets: Study
London Falcons Eat Less Pigeons During Lockdown
Using spiders as environmentally-friendly pest control
Urban Gardens Are Good for Ecosystems and Humans
Fruit Trees Need Springtime TLC
Gender Gap in Tomato Pest Control Seen in Pakistan Study
Professor digs in to director role
Social learning is possum-able, world-first research suggests
New year’s to remember- 20 police officers graduate
Mosquito borne disease alert following monsoonal rains
Attract Native Birds with Garden Feeding Tips
Mediterranean ants successfully controlled by freezing soil
High-tech project to tackle scourge of fire ants
Wild weather disrupts tara iti breeding season
Following insect footprints to improve crop resilience and monitor pollinator biodiversity
From “Dig for Victory” to “Grow Nature for Food”
Call for Great Southern employers supporting emergency services
Reducing chemical usage at Ballarat Botanical Gardens
Biodiversity of meadows and pastures can be asset for nature, agriculture, and tourism
Air pollution threatens natural pest control methods in sustainable farming
‘Insects Need Our Help in Warming World, Now’
Research proposes measures to strengthen Burundi’s plant health system
$294,000 essential housing maintenance funding for Goldfields Aboriginal community
Local 12: Local ecologist looks at ways to save bats
FAO and IAEA scale up collaboration on peaceful nuclear technologies for agrifood systems
7 ‘creepy crawlies’ you don’t need to be afraid of this spooky season
‘Reckless’ freeze on pest control threat to biosecurity
Apocalypse soon – scientists warn of insect decline
After two-year hiatus, Insectapalooza is ‘Glad to Bee Back’
Scientists find first evidence that hoverflies migrate north in spring
2.5 million hours worked in Jobs For Nature
IAEA Breaks Ground to Expand and Modernize its Seibersdorf Laboratories
Fungus simultaneously combats two of worst threats to banana plantation yields
Sugary poo could be used to lure destructive plant pests to their doom