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Data Gives Deeper Look at CLD Aussies with Chronic Conditions
Canada Funds $69.5M to Protect Oceans in Developing Nations
Protecting people of Oceania from marine threats requires science and human dialogue
If Cities Could Talk: Voices for Urban Justice
NZ police, Customs and Pacific nations celebrate dog graduation success
Queensland engages with Pacific trade
Australia’s emissions almost double Egypt’s new global tracker reveals at COP27
New research shows ancestral Māori adapted quickly in face of rapid climate change
Why are sustainable practices often elusive?
“Global Jukebox” performing arts database now publicly available
Facing Climate Change: Five People Transforming Five Cities
Appointment of Bishop of Newcastle 20 October 2022
Australian foreign minister to visit Cook Islands, Niue and French Polynesia
Statement on Partners in Blue Pacific Foreign Ministers Meeting
Covid took serious toll on Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander mental and physical health
Drop to drink: NSF project to explore freshwater resources on Easter Island
Series of articles in journal BioScience reveals various impacts of climate change across different ecosystems
Linguistics locates beginnings of Austronesian expansion – with Indigenous seafaring people in eastern Taiwan
Medieval roots or modern fantasy? Scholars to gather in 2024
Samoan researchers visit UO to see its collection of tapa cloth
‘Groovy’ research unlocks secrets of wave energy
Remembering Octavian-Eugen Ganea, gifted MIT postdoc AI researcher and beloved colleague
Micronesians came from East Asia, Polynesia, more than 3,000 years ago
New genetic research on remote Pacific islands yields surprising findings on world’s earliest seafarers
Appointment of Suffragan Bishop of Hull 29 June 2022
Novel technologies to protect our oceans
Electricity from cold ocean depths could one day power island states
Lost bioscapes window into Polynesian settlement circa 12th century
Adrienne Correa wins CAREER Award
Royal Navy ship HMS Spey visits Fiji
Reynolds’ Portrait of Omai at risk of leaving UK
Queerness as source of resilience for Pacific LGBTQ+ community
New Zealand donates further Covid vaccines to COVAX and Pacific Islands
Researchers capture first snapshot of dissolved chemicals from coral reefs
Almost all corals face catastrophic bleaching
Paris Agreement limits still catastrophic for coral reefs
Rare coral reef discovered near Tahiti is ‘like work of art’, says diver
Rare coral reef discovered near Tahiti by UNESCO mission
Earth on trajectory to Sixth Mass Extinction say biologists
Marine heatwaves can decimate oldest and youngest coral, raising concerns about reproductive future of reefs
Tongan students become Combative Masters
Don’t be afraid to be change, fearless youngsters tell UN Youth Summit
Underwater gardens boost coral diversity to stave off ‘biodiversity meltdown’
Underwater gardens boost coral diversity to stave off ‘biodiversity meltdown’
Landmark trial eliminates pest mosquito
Can algae hookups help corals survive?
Schurmann family sets sail on new expedition to raise awareness on marine pollution
Fish feces, common reef occurrence, becomes problem for coral as water warms