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Canada Invests $798,500 for Educator Mental Health Support
Telehealth Improves Contraception & Intimate Partner Violence Care
Living in Violence Shrinks Lifespan: NYU Abu Dhabi Study
Research: Structural Racism Affects Black Brain, Mental Health
Brain Structural Diff. in US Kids Linked to Racial Disparities in Adversity
US Army Soldiers: Bullying/Hazing Linked to Mental Health
Born Ready for Pressure
Telehealth Mental Health Care Up During Pandemic
When flight leads to trauma
Traumatized communities
Sexual assault related ER visits increase more than tenfold
Research shows “worryingly” high levels of mental illness among those affected by Post Office Horizon scandal
UNSW leads Australian universities, attracting $65 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants
UNC School of Medicine Awarded $3 Million to Lead Study to Reduce PTSD Frequency, Severity
Depression, PTSD in Flint, Michigan, 5 years after onset of water crisis
Five years after water crisis, 1 in 5 Flint residents has PTSD
High Rates of Depression and PTSD Found in Flint 5 Years After Water Crisis
Study reveals unseen havoc natural disasters can wreak on our brain
Hepatitis C drugscould help lower PTSD symptoms
Restoring lives of Australians with PTSD
Can PTSD be Diagnosed via Saliva?
Neurofeedback could be answer for 2.5 M Australians suffering from childhood trauma
Helping our frontline heroes: New study unleashes ways to stop dog days
Coastrek steps out on Sunshine Coast in support of Beyond Blue
Mental health crisis looms for 1.5 million Ukrainian children: WV Report
Mental health crisis looms for 1.5 million Ukrainian children
Association of PTSD with accelerated cognitive decline in middle-age women
Canada invests $28.2 million in mental health support for trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder
PTSD second most common mental health condition in Australia
Researchers Reveal Moral Distress Impact, Actions to Support Doctors During Pandemic
Economic burden of PTSD ‘staggering’
Researchers discover mechanism behind chemically induced suppression of fearful memories
Firefighters With PTSD Likely to Have Relationship Problems
Research reveals neurons that encode outcomes of actions
Why Are So Many Religious Leaders Facing Stress and Burnout?
High price tag for stress cancer causes young cancer patients
Men who worry more may develop heart disease and diabetes risk factors at younger ages
Prolonged exposure or cognitive processing therapy?
Psychological distress may lead to more care and high medical costs for adolescent and young adult cancer survivors
British veterans with combat injuries at greater risk of cardiovascular disease
Brain connectivity is lower in adults with PTSD or history of sexual abuse
High blood pressure risk higher among veterans who experienced sexual trauma while serving
Research in American Journal of Psychiatry finds risk factors for suicide attempt among soldiers
Veterans with PTSD may benefit from manualized Equine Assisted Therapy –The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry-Embargoed to 1
Despite concerns, pandemic did not increase suicidal thoughts in veterans
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada on June 27, 2021
Project Raptor seeks participants in research involving service members
Non-hallucinogenic psychedelic analog reverses effects of stress in mouse study