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Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to higher risk of cardiac events later in life
Neither detection nor control of high blood pressure improved by self-monitoring during pregnancy
Home monitoring of blood pressure does not help to detect or improve pregnancy hypertension
Changing guidelines for treating mild chronic hypertension in pregnancy
How Purdue biomedical engineers innovate health care
Blood test allows to differentiate severe Covid from preeclampsia in pregnant women
Study links Inflammation markers to Covid during pregnancy may signal adverse impacts to long-term infant health
Making Game of It: Contests Help New Moms Increase Their Steps
Study shows treating mild preexisting high blood pressure during pregnancy improves outcomes for parents and babies
Treating chronic hypertension in early pregnancy benefits parents, babies
Scientist show how plastic exposure in pregnancy could explain low weight in newborn boys
Coronavirus may double severe complications in pregnancy
La dieta puede desempeñar un papel en el desarrollo de complicaciones en el embarazo entre las mujeres hispanas o latinas
Heart Disease in Women is Not Like Heart Disease in Men
£1.5m donation to enhance maternal care in south-east London
Fetal Medicine Foundation donates £1.5m for providing care to pregnant women and their babies
Global study launched to evaluate effects of Covid variants and vaccination in pregnancy
Covid in Pregnancy: Studying racial disparities and adverse birth outcomes
Study links Covid to serious health complications during pregnancy
Study finds low rates of contraceptive use in women with kidney transplant
Computational models reveal effects of pregnancy on kidneys
Covid may cause fetal inflammation even in absence of placental infection, researchers report
SARS-CoV-2 may cause fetal inflammation even in absence of placental infection
Single blood sample can detect women at risk of pre-eclampsia
Immune system can detect disease during pregnancy
Heart Research Institute wins Silver in PRIA Golden Target Awards
OHSU receives more than $3 million to study effects of Project Nurture rural expansion
NIH study suggests women with disabilities have higher risk of birth complications and death
Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Associated with Increased Risk of Midlife Stroke
Complications in pregnancy and birth increase with Covid infection
Research reveals Covid infection during pregnancy leads to distinct immune changes in mothers and babies
Fewer Than 14% of High-Risk Women Attended Postpartum Blood Pressure Screening
Gestational Diabetes Explained
Scientists identify essential role of gene in placental development
Moderate Amounts of Caffeine Not Linked to Maternal Health Risks
Mother’s Guide to Fourth Trimester
New placenta model offers insights into pregnancy complications
Answering questions about pregnancy and Covid
Black women more likely to have labor or delivery complications due to systemic inflammation
Scientists find more severely Covid infected mothers more likely to have preterm birth
Music executive’s gift provides online maternal health support
Dangers of smoking during pregnancy
Enzyme could be major driver of preeclampsia
‘Leaky’ Heart Valves in Pregnant Women Need More Attention Than Once Thought, Study Suggests
To Reduce Preeclampsia Risk, Study Says Take Action Before and Between Pregnancies
NIH-funded study highlights stark racial disparities in maternal deaths
Penn State Behrend opens new biomedical research lab
Aspirin reduces preeclampsia risk, affecting gestation metabolic clock