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Pregnancy Complications Raise Stroke Risk
High Blood Pressure Tops Women’s Deadly Risk Factors Worldwide
Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring May Prevent Postpartum Issues
Inequities Affecting Maternal Health Outcomes for Hispanic Women
American Stroke Month: Your Health in Your Hands
First Care Plan to Prevent Preeclampsia Published in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Covid Vaccination Hesitancy in Pregnancy Linked to Safety Concerns
Birth Complications Tied to Death Risk Decades Later
High BP in Pregnancy Linked to Thinking Issues Later
Pregnancies Linked to Future Heart Disease Risk
Comienza el riesgo de enfermedad cardíaca antes del nacimiento?
Heart disease patient appreciates female-focused care
Sickle Cell Disease Increases Mortality Risk for Pregnant People
Drop race adjustment for AFP prenatal testing, study urges
Sickle Cell Linked to Higher Pregnancy Mortality Risk: Study
Link Between Sickle Cell and Pregnancy Mortality Confirmed
New MRI method provides detailed view of placenta during pregnancy
Migraines Linked to Pregnancy Complications Risk
Vaccine Protects Against Omicron Variant-Linked Pregnancy Complications
Mediterranean Diet May Lower Preeclampsia Risk
Finger prick device to revolutionise care for pregnant mothers and babies
Accelerate treatment for pregnancy-related hypertension
Study finds conceiving quickly after miscarriage not linked to adverse risks
Challenging Guidelines for Pregnancy Interval After Miscarriage or Abortion
New insights into medicines for pre-eclampsia
Association of maternal preeclampsia with offspring risks of ischemic heart disease, stroke
Biomarkers that predict preeclampsia risk
Increased risk for stillbirth passed through male relatives
Cellular process linked to postpartum depression
Cellular process linked to post-partum depression
Severe preeclampsia treated safely with nifedipine during labor and delivery
Early control of blood sugar key for gestational diabetes
4 Things to Know about Cholesterol
Faculty receive $6.1M NIH grant for maternal health study
New therapeutic prospect for preeclampsia
Novel method for monitoring ‘engine’ of pregnancy
3 Things Women Should Know About Fertility and Pregnancy
Preeclampsia linked to increased markers of brain cell damage, inflammation
Study links Preeclampsia to increased markers of brain cell damage, inflammation
Call for heart checks in pregnancy
Researchers develop new imaging method to detect complications early in pregnancy
Mother’s immune cells appear to exacerbate complications of preeclampsia
Disease control, safe medications critical to pregnancies for women with rheumatic disease
Treating Moderately Elevated Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
Increase in leptin levels in preeclampsia prompts cardiovascular cascade that puts mother and baby at risk
Attitudes around older motherhood too often emphasize risk and pregnancy timing, Concordia researcher says
High Blood Pressure Conditions During Pregnancy Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk 10 Years Later
Pregnancy-related hypertension can increase short-term risk