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Study Reveals Lunar Regolith Evolution Process on Chang’e-4 Landing Area
Roundworms’ egg cells have backup plan
An ultrafast X-ray glance into photoacid electronic structure
Wild years of our Milky Way galaxy
Partners willing to bend with relationship ‘dealbreakers’: study
ATLAS seeks out unusual signatures of long-lived particles
Long-suspected turbocharger for memory in brain cells of mice
NASA Mourns Passing of Visionary Heliophysicist Eugene Parker
CSD-Materials suite provides cohesive analysis of solid form properties for early-phase drug discovery
Holographic plasma lenses for ultra-high-power lasers
Vacuum fluctuations break topological protection
NGI uses twist to engineer 2D semiconductors with built-in memory functions
Independent inquiry needed to probe Howlett allegations
Inspect your dam to avoid failure
Better understanding communication between neurons in brain
Diving around public wharves, marinas and boat ramps
Charge separation imaging on surfaces of titanium dioxide photoelectrocatalytic nanotubes
New plant-derived composite is tough as bone and hard as aluminum
Center stage for quantum mechanical entanglement in an attosecond laser laboratory
Binary black hole spin behavior revealed using novel techniques
ATLAS gives new insight into internal structure of proton
Police probe sudden death in Tiaro
Immuno-CRISPR assay could help diagnose kidney transplant rejection early on
Scientist observes nanodroplets of water turning into ice
Scientists designed orbit of theChang’E 5 mission
Hormone exposure in womb potentially linked to migraine risk
Cracking mystery of nitrogen ice dynamics on Pluto
New approach to measure spin waves brings us one step closer to spin superfluidity
Does more attention necessarily lead to better working memory?
UN expert calls for probe into suspected ritualistic killings: Liberia
Police probe sudden death in Aspley
An illuminated 3D tour of lower back pain
Police probe sudden death in Pullenvale
University of Houston researcher pushes limit of when water will freeze
NASA to Highlight New Science Findings, Missions During AGU Meeting
UH Researcher Pushes Limit of When Water Will Freeze
Police probe sudden death in Hibernia
“Magic wand” finds a colorful nano-world
Probing Helium Dimer by Relativistic Highly Charged Projectiles
Scientists Capture Electron Transfer Image in Electrocatalysis Process
Acquiring spectra from single excited molecules
Study sheds light on how bacteria control their detoxification
Public Service Commissioner must investigate Kāinga Ora
Research uncovers mechanisms of drug side effects
How monitoring quantum Otto engine affects its performance
How to Attract and Retain Talent by Focusing on Financial Wellness
Proton transfer between titania surface and dye observed for photocatalysis evaluation
Lithium imaging method could shine new light on bipolar disorder, treatment