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Gas-liquid flows faster than expected
Dusty remains of Comet ATLAS
APRA launches review of insurance risk management frameworks
Topological materials for ultrafast spintronics
Watching ultrafast dance moves of laser plasma
AMC approves operational Centerline Drogue System as first KC-46A Interim Capability Release milestone
Hydrogel-Based Flexible Brain-Machine Interface
Police probe sudden death in Eagleby 9 July
Protein’s ‘silent code’ affects how cells move
Goldfinder: scientists discover why we can find gold at all
Decoding electron dynamics
Paving way to artificial photosynthesis — effect of doping on photocatalyst SrTiO3
Uncovering Hidden Local States in a Quantum Material
Curtin research finds ‘fool’s gold’ not so foolish after all
Mechanism behind XFEL-induced melting of diamond unveiled
Scientists create a novel instrument to probe thermal states of extreme matter on Earth
Astrophysicists prepare for age of multimessenger astronomy; build galaxy catalog to study black holes
Cosmic Ray Influences on Star Formation in Galaxies
Location of receptors is decisive
Giant quantum tornados in a hybrid light-matter system give insight into complex physical phenomena
Ultrafast, on-Chip PCR Could Speed Up Diagnoses during Pandemics
Navy, Boeing Make Aviation History with MQ-25 Becoming First Unmanned Aircraft to Refuel Another Aircraft
First ATLAS New Small Wheel nears completion
CMA investigates Facebook’s use of ad data
Novel SERS Sensor Helps to Detect Aldehyde Gases
Research describes slow and fast light in plasma
Cell cultures provide new insights into maintenance and regression mechanisms of corpus luteum in cats
Police probe sudden death in Coorparoo
Dark Matter Particle Explorer Reports Most Precise Measurements of Cosmic Ray Proton and Helium Spectra above TeV and Reveals
New use of imaging technique could allow early detection of aortic aneurysms
Oncotarget: comprehensive genomic profiling test, GEM ExTra
Geelong boat fire
A Massive Star Forming Galaxy in Early Universe
Staring into space: Physicists predict neutron stars may be bigger than previously imagined
New Penn State laboratory to perform mineral dating method key to Earth research
Where on Earth is all water?
Police probe sudden death in Taigum
Low temperature physics gives insight into turbulence
Police probe sudden death in Windin Falls
Forecasting space storms protects satellites and predicts aurora borealis
Latency-Aware Optical Networking for Automated Deployment of 5G Services
Police probe sudden deaths in Labrador
Direct observation of ad- and desorption of guest atoms into a mesoporous host
Researchers Find Bubbles Speed Up Energy Transfer
New study probes effects of opioid use during pregnancy
Polypeptide self-assembly directed by addition of cosolvents
Faster and less-invasive atomic force microscopy for visualizing biomolecular systems
Police probe sudden death in Rockhampton